Saturday, July 5, 2014

GRIP 2014 - Packing List

GRIP begins in 2 weeks and 1 day.  I'm excited!!!!

I am starting to plan for packing, because I'll have to do some shopping first.  I mentioned some of these things before, but I'm trying to consolidate my list, for me as well as for anyone else who may be attending.

ethernet cable - for the room (there's WIFI in the classrooms and the lounge area)
hair dryer - this isn't a hotel
body wash and hand soap - again this isn't a hotel
drinking glass
umbrella and/or rain jacket - the Pittsburgh weather is a little different from Phoenix weather
dressing in layers - who knows whether the classrooms will be hot or cold
business cards - an easy way of giving out your name and contact info to classmates as well as in dining room
computer power cord and extension cord
walking shoes - the LaRoche campus is beautiful

small bag to carry to and from class - for syllabus, computer, pens/pencils, etc. 

So, what am I forgetting?
Oh, yes.  A list of books I already have so I can shop at Maia's books
the normal clothes, toiletries, etc.
cell phone charger

Yes, the hotel provides sheets and towels, but a fitted twin sheet is helpful because the mattress covers are slippery and fitted twin sheets don't stay tucked in very well. 


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  2. The rooms are cold, one day I wore Capri pants and sandels and I was so cold. Take a pair or two of socks. I will be wearing slacks and a jacket.

    The classrooms have a power strip embedded in the front of the desks, so everyone has an electric outlet.

  3. Thanks for this list! This is really helpful. I'm really excited about my first GRIP... getting close!!