Wednesday, July 24, 2013

GRIP 2013 - Wednesday night

In class today we moved on to citations.  We'll be finishing them tomorrow.  This was after the topic of "reasonably exhaustive research."  I'm sure you can imagine the discussion on that topic.  After all, how do you know when enough is enough?  And, no, it's not some magic number. 

There are four couples attending GRIP this year.  They even were recognized in our daily newsletter.  It would be great to have my husband here, but he has his hobbies (and I definitely support them) because he encourages and supports mine (basically genealogy, quilting and reading.)  And while I'd love to have him here, I don't know that I would have really had a chance to get to know Pam, and Kristen, and Hugh, and all of the other wonderful students here at GRIP. 

Because there was no talk speaker scheduled for tonight, a few groups went to the Carnegie Library in Pittsburgh to research.  Others are wandering around this beautiful campus.  The weather is beautiful tonight with blue skies and some clouds.  And not too hot or humid.  It's really nice.  Then some of the other students were talking about working on their class projects.  So lots still going on.

I started thinking about GRIP 2014 already.  I haven't found anything yet that I needed that I didn't bring this year.  But next year, I think I'm going to see if I can fit in a fitted twin sheet.  Those flat sheets just don't stay tucked in all night.  Everything else is working fine in my room.  I originally had a problem with the blinds, but those were efficiently fixed.  So, now to decide which class to take next year and then get on the computer and hope that not everyone else wants the same class I decide to take.

One more full day of classes.  The topic for tomorrow night's talk is Divorce records.  Then a half day on Friday, and time for the shuttle to the airport. 

I'll check in tomorrow night.  Have a great day tomorrow.