Monday, July 2, 2012

Mystery Monday - Trice Marrage to Steen/Steele Again

Last fall I posted information regarding the first wife of Charles Y Trice (1853-1915).  Well, I've discovered some more information, but it's still leading to questions.  This is a lengthy explanation since I'm trying to work out all of the details for myself as well as asking for help from all of you. 

According to a familysearch index (I need to look at the actual film) Parral Lee Steen married C Y Trice in Henry County, Missouri in 1878. 

Then, according to online death records for Missouri for the two children of Trice and Steen, Harriet Trice Sheley's death certificate says her mother's name was Perilee Steene born near Joplin, Missouri.  Odon Trice's death certificate says his mother's name was Paralee Steen born in Joplin, Missouri.  So I have some consistency.  Unfortunately I can't find any Steen(e) with a first name with Per* or Par* in 1870 or 1860 census records.  And in the 1880 census with Trice, her age is given as 23, which would indicate she was born about 1857.  Any suggestions?

Then to make matters worse, on FindAGrave the headstone for Paralee Trice, wife of C Y Trice, shows 1847-1893.  So how old is she?

Then, the other mystery.  In 1900 census, Charles Trice is married to Lena and, in error it says they have been married for 15 years.  So what's wrong?  I know that Odon and Hattie are not Lena's children, but children by Charles's first marriage.  Since Ruth was listed as being born in  November 1892, but Paralee didn't die until 1893, is there a divorce record?  Where can I find that? 

Lastly, family lore states that Charles Trice married Luna/Lena Drake in 1890 or 1891 in Franklin, Indiana, or around there.  I have been unable to find a record of this marriage. 

So, I need a marriage record for Charles Trice and Luna/Lena Drake.
I need a birth record for Ruth Trice stating her parents' names, just to make sure she is the daughter of Lena. 
I need a divorce record for Charles Trice and Paralee, if the Trice/Drake marriage took place before Paralee died. 
I would like to find out the names of the parents of Paralee Steen(e). 
I would like to have a death record for Paralee Steen(e) Trice, not just a photo of the headstone.

All suggestions are appreciated.  Thank you.