Friday, May 8, 2015

SCGS Jamboree - Why Go? Food choices. That's why!

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There are so many food choices. And you don't have to drive.

First, check out the hotel. For breakfast there are many of the usual choices. I love their omelets and yogurt.There is a bar attached to the dining room. Some years there are Happy Hour specials. Join friends for a drink (they have non-alcoholic also) and a snack. Sometimes that's all that's needed for dinner.

In the morning, at the bar area off of the hotel lobby, there is a coffee/latte bar with a few breakfast rolls/muffins, and I believe juices. 

During Jamboree, the hotel sets up a food line between the hotel and the conference center (on the beautiful, green grass.)  Not too many choices, but great for coffee and tea, fruit and a muffin for breakfast. There are more choices for lunch and in the past there has been another line set up just opposite the swimming pool. Many seats are available both on the grass between the two buildings and in the patio area of the hotel.

Across the street from the activities are a variety of restaurants. The walk is about one block, because the food court is set back from the street. There is a Denny's, Panda Express, Del Taco, McDonalds, Starbucks, a fish restaurant, a Greek restaurant, a Subway, and perhaps a couple of others. The lines may be a little longer at lunch time, but not too much of a wait at dinner time. And walking, before or after sitting all day, is good for my "old" muscles. If you are from a warmer climate, you'll probably want to bring a light jacket or a sweater, because the mornings can feel cool.

I just love the variety of meal/snack options, all without needing a car.

So, why go to Jamboree? The food choices. That's why!