Tuesday, May 27, 2014

California: Here I Come (1 Week Until Jamboree 2014)

Jamboree - Only one week to go - And I'm excited.  But I still have SOOOO much left to do.

I'm still trying to understand DNA.  Perhaps a light bulb will "light up" soon.  I certainly hope so.  But I'm getting some of the books ready to take with me.  (Perhaps I can get a few of them autographed by the authors.)  Fortunately I'm not flying so weight and size aren't an issue.  Of course, if I wasn't driving, I'd probably be flying Southwest and they still offer two checked bags FREE. 

But what else am I looking at.  Well, of course the weather.  It's not going to be in the 100s, so I need to remember a sweater or jacket for mornings when I walk across the street to Starbucks for my latte.  And I'll need something light-weight in the actual conference rooms in case they are cooler than I'm comfortable with or I'm sitting under a "blower". 

My mail and newspaper stops have been scheduled.  I still need to check that all of my sprinklers are working.  I don't want any dead plants when I return because one of the drip lines became clogged.  I'll probably even give each system an extra watering, just to make sure that the plants are cared for.  This week the house plants will need an extra deep soak. 

I've been to Jamboree before and I have comfortable shoes.  I also have a special conference bag, that's ready to go. It's an old Jamboree bag that I modified by putting a couple of pockets on the inside.  I have a new tablet this year, so I can carry it instead of a heavy laptop during the day.  I'm looking forward to seeing how it works.  I still need to figure out if I want to take notes on it, or on paper.  But I'll bring a stylus as well as notepad. 

Oh, yes.  I need to print off business cards.   I need to modify the old ones since I'm no longer an officer of a local genealogical society.  I am having trouble finding a photo in my file that I want to use.  And I'm not sure I have time to take a couple and modify them.  We'll see.  I still have 7 more days. 

I hope to see you there.  While I won't have bells on, I'll have on long skirts, and probably some Indian jewelry.  Please say Hello.