Friday, January 17, 2014

52 Ancestors: #3 Olga Wilhelmina Engdahl Poe (1894-1954)

How did two 14 and 16 year old girls from Sweden get from New York to Montana in 1907?  I wish I knew;  it's one of my mysteries.

Olga was born in Sweden in 1894 in Sweden and she immigrated in 1907.  I have found her listed in a passenger list and she had traveled with her sister Hilma Engdahl.  The two girls listed Montana as their destination and they had an aunt living there.  I have been unable to find the aunt, or that family.  I would really like to know how these two girls, 14 and 16 or 17, traveled from New York to Montana.


After the passenger list, the next mention of Olga was in the 1920 census as the wife of Thurman Allen Poe, and living in Sparks, Nevada.  I know that she married Thurman Allen Poe, because of family information.  However, I have no documents regarding the marriage.  Thurman Allen’s brief bio was in 52 Ancestors:  #2 in this series.  I found numerous mentions of Olga and her children, particularly her daughters, in the social columns in Reno and Sparks newspapers.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any other documents with her mentioned.


Sometime after Olga and Thurman Allen divorced, Olga moved to California.  She died in 1954 in Berkeley.  Her obituary was included in the Reno newspaper. 


Since Olga and Thurman were my biological paternal grandparents, I would appreciate collaborating with anyone with knowledge of this family.  I would truly appreciate any photos, copies of documents, or even knowledge of where documents could be found.


This blog was written in response to Amy Johnson Crow’s blog challenge: 52 Ancestors in 52 weeks on her blog:  No Story Too Small.

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