Tuesday, September 13, 2011

FGS 2011 - Attendees from Arizona

Last week in Springfield, I believe I heard someone say they were from  Arizona.  When I turned around, I couuldn't figure out who it was.  And I was on my way to a conference session, so really couldn't have talked long anyway. 

So now I'm looking for attendees from Arizona.  Who are you?  Where do you live?  Did you fly or drive?  Do you live in Arizona full time?  What other conferences do you generally attend?  Are you a blogger? 

If you attended the FGS conference or know someone who did, please get in touch with me.  I'd like to compare some notes, perhaps by having a mini-reunion in a couple of months.  We may be able to help each other by filling in missing information we obtained during those busy four days.

FGS 2011 - After the Conference - Part 1

The FGS conference in Springfield ended Saturday.  Packing up the flyers, syllabus pages and my notes was a reminder of all that I had learned or been introduced to in four days.  There was a lot of new information; a lot of reminders; and some just plain "Don't forget this!!!" information. 

Now that I am on my way home, I stopped by Skokie, Illinois, for a few days before flying back to Phoenix, I realize that the after conference summaries and reviews are just as important, or perhaps more important, than the planning before the conference. 

Where am I going to file the flyers so that I can find them and retrieve the information?  Or am I just going to put the information someplace on my computer (and remember while file I saved it to?

The notes that I took regarding web sites need to be near my computer so that I can check out the sites.  The notes I took about research facilities and collections need to be filed with the state and with research sites.  The notes I took about research techniques need to be filed in some appropriate place.  (Otherwise why learn new techniques?  I want to be sure I try some new methods which may make searching more productive.  And then, where do I put all of the bibliographic references?  Just keeping them on the flash drive won't necessarily help me when I need information.  So do I copy and paste these to a separate file and then save them (again in an appropriate place on my computer and remember where I saved the file)? 

As you can see, I have different types of information that I want to be able to readily access.  I'd love to here how you do it.  And, obviously, it's going to take me some time filing before I actually can use a lot of the great information provided at the FGS Conference. 

Oh yes.  And I need a little time to rest (from the days filled with information) as well as to catch up on yard work and even some work around the house.