Friday, May 15, 2015

SCGS Jamboree - Why Go? Vendors. That's why!!!

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The exhibitor hall has so much energy. I just love the excitement in this hall. I've been to 5 or 6 other large conferences, and I believe that this one is either the best, or one of the best.

The variety of vendors and exhibitors is great. You can buy books, software, or fun things. You can get advice on software, online programs or joining societies. For a map of the current vendor hall, click here. You will see the great variety. The advice is free, but I'd like to suggest you bring a credit card, and perhaps a little cash. Sometimes, for some items, if you buy during Jamboree, there is even a conference discount. So be prepared.

Don't forget to check out the tables just outside of the hall also. SCGS sells books. And, of course, there are the wonderful raffle prizes. Other groups have representatives sitting and willing to answer questions.

Lastly, I don't want you to forget about Conference Resources. What are they? Well, they are the incredible recording company who makes audio and sometimes even video recordings of many of the Jamboree sessions. (Remember, it's up to each speaker as to whether or not their presentation is recorded.) And, you didn't misread this. Yes, Video recording! In the past I believe that TWO presentations EACH session were video-recorded. So you get to hear AND see these presentations. Just as if you were sitting in the room. These are high-quality recordings which are available during and after Jamboree. And then they are yours to keep, and listen to, and watch, over and over again.

So, why go to Jamboree? The vendors, exhibitors, and the great recordings.