Wednesday, February 12, 2014

GRIP - Here I Come!

I don't want to brag.  Well, maybe I do. 

I just finished registering for my third visit to LaRoche College in Pittsburgh for GRIP.  Yes, I'm very excited. 

I'm going to be in the Practical Genetic Genealogy course.  The recommended books have been ordered.  So, next week I can start reading. 

I wish all of you who registered got your first choice.  Unfortunately I'm sure that some of you didn't because there are already two waiting lists, and it's just 30 minutes into registration.  Still, I hope to see all of you in Pittsburgh in July.

By the way, I sort of yelled at my husband about 10 am MST.  Here I am, getting ready to hit the registration button when it shows.  And what does he do?  He wants to talk to be about coffee.  Yes.  Coffee.  And this is even after I talked about 10 am Wednesday for the past week.  And, yes.  Before I began writing this I went and apologized and we laughed about it.  After all, we're retired.  And we don't "clock watch" any more.