Friday, September 2, 2011

FGS 2011 - Tai Chi - Yang Style (Long form)

I'll be in Springfield next Tuesday afternoon.  Does anyone practice Tai Chi Yang Style Long Form?  Would you like to meet during the conference?  Morning, lunch time, evening? 

I'm still a beginner.  I studied for about 3 years with a great teacher, but have had to practice on my own for the past 2 years.  Unfortunately the studio closed and I've been unable to find another location that also teaches/practices this style.  

At Jamboree and at FGS in Knoxville, it never occurred to me to ask if any one else wanted to practice.  Of course, I may not have asked since I wasn't a blogger then. 

Please let me know.  Perhaps we can find some time that is good for us all.  Thank you.