Tuesday, July 23, 2013

GRIP 2013 - Tuesday night

Today was a long day, even though it's not THAT late right now. 

I worked hard to understand the differences between types of sources, types of information and types of evidence.  And just as I thought I understood one part I was confused again.  But it wasn't just me.  So I felt a little better about that. 

Tonight, after dinner, Angela Packer McGhie gave two presentations: a short one on preparing for a research trip in Washington, D.C.  What great suggestions she gave; and a wonderful handout.  Her second one was just as good but this was on researching in newspapers.  Again we received a great handout including a checklist that I'm sure we're all going to find invaluable.  Find Angela's blog at this address:

The last part of the meeting was a group watch of Who Do You Think You Are?  Kelly Clarkson was the subject.  Josh Taylor, one of the GRIP instructors, was on the show as was his voice.  What fun to watch with a 100+ "fans".

Something we don't think about when planning on attending institutes is the opportunity to be with others who love to hear about our family stories.  And we get to talk about them, and listen to them, at breakfast, lunch, dinner, breaks, and after dinner.  What fun.  No wonder many of us have our minds racing and have trouble getting to sleep.

Hope to see you all soon.