Friday, October 24, 2014

52 Ancestors: #43 - Unity Smith Thomasson (1787 VA - 1836 KY)

Unity Smith Thomasson was born in June 1787 in Louisa County, Virginia.  Her parents were William Thomasson and Unity Hicks [or Hix].  The surname Thomasson is spelled in numerous ways in records, including one or two m’s or s’s, as well as with a p inserted.

Unity married Dabney Nelson Trice about 1809 in Louisa County, Virginia, and they had at least 8 children.

Temperance Trice (abt 1810 KY – aft 1870 KY) married Eli Tapp in 1842 in Hopkins County, Kentucky. They had 3 children.  Eli had been married previously.

David B. Trice (1810 KY – 1864 KY) married Arminity Jane Compton about 1836 in Hopkins County, Kentucky.  I believe they had 7 children and that Arminity married after David’s death.

Joel Trice (1815 KY – 1880 KY) married Elizabeth Parker about 1838.  Elizabeth died about 1880 and Joel then married Emily D. Orman Pritchett.  I believe that this was Emily’s third marriage.

Priscilla Ann Trice (1817 KY – 1883 KY) married Alexander Taylor Winstead in 1838 in Hopkins County, Kentucky.  They had at least 8 children.

William Thomas Trice (1821 KY – 1899 KY) married Sarah “Sallie” Compton about 1839 in Hopkins County, Kentucky.  I have not yet determined whether Sarah and Arminity were sisters.   
William and Sarah had at least 6 children.

Charles Yancy Trice married Mary Ann Winstead about 1841 in Hopkins County, Kentucky.  Charles and Mary Ann had at least 14 children.  Mary Ann Winstead and Alexander Taylor Winstead were siblings.

Unity Trice (1824 KY – 1893 KY) married Samuel W. Cavanah [various spellings also] in 1842 in Hopkins County, Kentucky.  I believe that they had two sons.

Dabney Nelson Trice (1826 KY – 1903 MO) married Rebecca Lancaster in 1853 in Missouri.  I believe they had two daughters and two sons. 

Unity died in June 1836 in Hopkins or Webster County, Kentucky and was probably buried in the Trice Cemetery in Webster County, Kentucky.

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