Sunday, July 22, 2012

GRIPitt - Sunday night

Today, we checked into the LaRoche College dorms.  I'm not sure how many of us are at the First Genealogical Research Institute of Pittsburgh, GRIP for short.  The rooms are basic dorm rooms but different than when I was in college (eons ago).  Then we had two people to a room, with about 14 rooms sharing one down-the-hall bathroom.  These rooms all have private baths.  WOW!!  AND they come with a small microwave and refrigerator.  (Since I flew, I didn't bring snacks, but what a treat for those who drove and could pack snacks.)

While I brought an ethernet cable, as required for internet use in the dorm room, the router, etc. weren't hooked up.  And, I didn't know how to connect everything.  Well, Jess and Marissa came to the rescue.  Thank you ladies.  Otherwise, there would be no posting tonight.

After dinner in in the cafeteria (where it was LOUD) with so many genealogists all have a great time, we had our welcome and introduction.  And a special announcement.  Next year's dates are already set (July 22-26) and there will be SIX (6) classes, not four as this year.  Isn't that great!  Ican hardly wait to see the brochure and find out what my options will be.  Of course, I think I'm going to suggest that everyone here this year gets first choice next year.  OR, everyone in the Intermediate Genealogy course automatically gets moved to the Advanced, if they want to.  Now wouldn't that be great?!!! At least for a few of us.  Oh, well.  Wishful thinking. 

But the campus is beautiful with some hills, but not too much slope for me and my legs. I'm used to walking on flat, flat ground (Phoenix area, if you didn't know).  It is a little more humid, so perhaps I'll try walking in the morning.

Breakfast is 7:30 to 8:30 and classes start at 8:30.  It's going to be interesting to see how we all get through the cafeteria line finish eating in only an hour.  But we'll see.  Perhaps some of the group won't be eating breakfast.  Then, on two days, I think Wednesday and Thursday, one of the classes starts at 8:15, not 8:30.  So those students are really going to have to be on time if they want to eat.

I'll try to write tomorrow night.  I'm going to be writing primarily for me, so that I can better remember this week, but I hope you will also enjoy the stories and information.