Wednesday, May 20, 2015

SCGS Jamboree - Why Go? The People. That's Why!!!!!!

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The people attending Jamboree are friendly, enthusiastic, and fun. You'll find presenters and the attendees who are easy to talk to. There are many locations to sit and visit. Don't hesitate to talk to someone sitting next to you in a presentation, or at a table in the grassy area, or in the patio area, or in one of the restaurants. Jamboree attendees have distinctive badges, so just say "Hi."

The people organizing Jamboree are friendly, enthusiastic, and helpful. SCGS has a great group of volunteers for Jamboree. They try to anticipate any problems, but there are certain things they can't control. Like planes taking off or landing over the pavilions during a presentation. But their experience in organizing and putting on Jamboree for so many years, really shows in their organization. They are also innovators, and are willing to consider suggestions for improving Jamboree. So, please make sure you say Thank You to these very special people who provide us with an incredible conference year after year after year.

Come to Jamboree. Please say Hi to me. I'd love to meet you. And don't hesitate to talk to someone you don't already know. Who knows? It may be a cousin who has the photo of g-g-grandmother, as well as her maiden name. Happy Dance!!!