Saturday, July 5, 2014

52 Ancestors: #27 - Elijah J. Teague (1841-1913)

Elijah Teague and his family have been enumerated in many different ways, including Teay, Teag, Tegue and Teague.  I am spelling Teague in this manner because it is the spelling I have in some family papers.   

Elijah was the son of Wymer (Wimer, Winer, etc.) Teague and Meleta, possibly Lamar or LaMar.  Elijah was born in Taney County, Missouri.  In many online family trees this county is listed as Ganey County; however there never was a Ganey County in Missouri.

Elijah married Eliza Tuley on 21 Dec 1965 in Gentryville, Spencer County, Indiana.  Elijah and Eliza had six children.

William Andrew Teague (1866 IN to after 1940) married Mary Ann Cornelison and they had 10 children I believe.
Mary Olive Teague (1871-1906) first married Daniel Reese and later married Jacob Henry Severs.  She died after giving birth in 1906.  More detailed information about her is on her own blog page.
Emma Teague (1874 IN to after 1880).
Mattie Teague (1879 KS – after 1880)
James Charles Teague (1881 MO-1964 KS) – married Ida Mae Hooten about 1919 and they had two sons.
John Franklin Teague (1889 AR-1939 KS) married Ella Decker about 1918. I don’t believe they had any children.

Are you researching this Teague Line?  If so, I’d like to share information.

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