Friday, February 28, 2014

52 Ancestors: #9 William A. Blincow (1831-1903)

William A. Blincow was born in 1831 in England, possibly Northamptonshire. His parents were William Blincow and Elizabeth (I believe Robinson). William married Betsy Wikes (or Wilkes) Howe in 1860. William and Betsy had eight children, five born in England.

               William Blicow, (1861-1946)
               Richard Blincow (1864-1872)
               Frederick Howe Blincow (1867-1952)
 Mary Elizabeth “Polly” Blincow (1869-1951)
               Eliza “Nellie” Helen Blincow (1870-1955)

After immigrating in 1872, William and Betsy had three more children, all born in Nebraska.

               Frank Robert Blincow (1872-1945)
               Ada Louise Blincow (1873-1957)
               George Blincow (1877-1952)

I have “heard” that both first and second papers for naturalization were filed in York County, Nebraska, but I have been unable to obtain copies yet.  The family lived moved to Kansas (William was a farmer) sometime before 1894 because the family is listed in the 1895 Kansas State Census for Thomas County.  In the 1900 census William was listed as working as a clerk for the district court in Thomas County, Kansas.  He died in 1903 in Colby, Kansas, and was buried in Beulah Cemetery in Thomas County, Kansas.