Sunday, July 28, 2013

GRIP 2013 - Looking back

I'm back in HOT Arizona.  That's OK.  And I'm unpacked.  That's GOOD.  I woke up on EDT (not PDT or MST).  That's NOT GOOD.

So I was writing research questions when I woke.  I was trying not to make assumptions.  All of you in the GPS class understand what I'm saying.  So, I was writing a question, "When did C Y Trice marry Luna Estelle Drake?"  But is there an assumption here?  That they did marry?  I know they had children.  I know that CY seemed to have a good relationship with Luna's father.  So, I assumed (there's that word again) that they did marry.  And then I asked myself the question, "Does it matter?"  (Tom Jones's voice said that.)  I think it does matter, especially if I start to fill out lineage society applications.  Well, all of that will be looked at in the future; definitely not before about the 20th of August.

Now looking back at GRIP 2013.

The weather was a nice change for me even if it was too wet some evenings to walk.  I definitely LOVED the mornings, and drinking hot coffee not iced.

Except for minor computer problems and the fact that I couldn't keep the sheet tucked in, I was quite comfortable in my room.  Even if I have to leave out a shirt or two, I'm going to bring a fitted sheet next year.  So you may see me in the same shirt numerous times.  Yes, I know.  I could bring an extra suitcase, but I prefer to travel light.  This year I had my computer case, a small purse, and a suitcase that was checked. 

I loved the salad bar in the cafeteria.  Also I found the cooked vegetables good.  Of course the best part of meals was visiting with other researchers.  For some reason, though, I never seemed to sit with anyone who was in Paula's class.  And I certainly enjoyed her class last year. 

I still can't decide which class to take next year.  Fortunately registration is not until February.  For those of you who want more information, visit the GRIP web site at  All of the information will be posted soon. 

I want to especially thank Elissa and Debbie for all of their efforts.  Of course I want to say thank you to the instructors and the evening lecturers who were great.  And then a thank you to all of you who attended, whether I was in class with you or not; whether I sat at a table with you during meals or not.  Without all of you, GRIP wouldn't have been any fun.  And it may not have even existed. 

So Thank You!!!!.