Tuesday, May 13, 2014

California: Here I Come (3 Weeks until Jamboree 2014)

Yes - Three weeks until my husband and I drive to California.  (We live in Arizona, so the drive isn't too far.)  We'll be driving about 330 miles to a town in Riverside County called Anza.  That's where our son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren live:  rural, smaller community, high-desert.

We'll spend one day there and then Walt will drive me to Burbank to Jamboree.  We'll stop on the way at a cemetery in Los Angeles where his parents are interred and we'll take photos of their grave markers.  The last time we were there his Dad's marker wasn't completed.  This is the beautiful Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills Cemetery. And some of the markers are incredible works of art.

Then, we'll drive the rest of the way to Burbank and check into the hotel.  Walt and I will drive around Burbank.  He graduated from Burbank High School, back when.  We'll walk San Fernando Boulevard and enjoy the beautiful trees that line the streets.  We'll visit a couple of used bookstores and look up at the residences that are above the stores.  What a great place to live!  Then, dinner, back to the hotel, and an evening of rest.

Walt spends the night with me and then drives back to Anza on Thursday morning.  He usually sleeps in while I get up to go the the special day at Jamboree before the actual conference begins.  This year the topic is DNA, just as it was last year.

I'll have one DNA day, 2 1/2 conference days, and then Walt will pick me up Sunday afternoon.  We'll stop and have brunch, and then be back on the road to Anza, arriving in time for dinner with family.