Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thrifty Thursday - $2.99 blog book

 Can you believe?  $2.99?  What a Bargain!!  What, you ask?  Well, it's this.  The Big Genealogy Blog Book.  Author:  Amy Coffin ( ).  Book now at

If you are a new blogger or just read blogs, OR if you need some new ideas on what to blog about or how to improve your blog, then this is something you want to look at.  And the price is right!  And it's easy. 

Disclosures:  Do I know Amy?  Yes.  And she's a really great lady.

Does she know I'm writing this?  NO.  She has no idea, at least I haven't told her.

Does she know I "bought" her book?  I don't know.  I downloaded it the first day I heard about it.  And I started reading it immediately.  Unfortunately life interferred before I could finish reading it.

Did I get any discount for this?  No. 

Or any other compensation?  No.  Except for hopefully another smile and another great greeting the next time I meet her at a conference.  And would you believe I didn't even know her until June 2010?