Thursday, April 4, 2013

Surname Saturday - Bryan and Parker

This is the sixth section of a booklet that I put together for my father-in-law’s 96th birthday.  His parents were Clifford Franklin and Bertha Bryan Blackmore.  Section six is about Bertha’s paternal grandparents.  Future postings will include the other parents and grandparents of Clifford and Bertha and will include Blincow and Doyle surnames.  I have also included information about the siblings of these direct ancestors.   

Albert and Ann Parker Bryan

            Albert Bryan, the son of Morrison BRYAN and Rhoda JOHNSON, was born on 29 July 1815 in Greene County, Ohio.  Albert was one of seven children:  four boys and three girls.  One boy, Austin died as an infant. I believe one girl died about 1840, while another girl died about 1852. 

            Albert was granted a land patent #13551 (80 acres) in Jefferson County, Iowa, issued 1 January 1847.  This does not seem to be the land where he lived most of his life, even though the land is in Iowa in Mahaska County.  Albert lived in Poweshiek County and Mahaska County is just south of Poweshiek County. 

            Albert married Ann PARKER on 12 November 1850 in Jefferson County, Iowa.  Ann was born on 20 February 1830 in Illinois.  Albert and Ann had three boys and two girls:  Oliver, William Morrison, Sarah Emily, Alice Edna and Joseph Theodore.

            In 1860 Albert’s occupation was listed as a master carpenter.  The family owned property with a value of $350.  In 1880 Albert’s occupation in the census records was listed as farmer. 

            Albert died on 9 September 1902 in Montezuma, Poweshiek County, Iowa at the age of 87. After Albert died, in the 1910 census Ann is living with Katherine M Brown and Katie R Brown.  Katie was the daughter of Katherine.  Ann was listed as a boarder.  If Katherine and Katie were related to Ann, I have been unable to find the connection.

            Ann died on 24 January 1917 at the age of 87 in Montezuma, Iowa.  Both Albert and Ann were buried in the Masonic and I.O.O.F. Cemetery in Montezuma, Poweshiek County, Iowa.

Brothers and Sisters of Oliver Bryan

            Oliver BRYAN was born on 2 October 1851 in Jefferson County, Iowa.  Oliver married Mary Emma DOYLE on 30 December 1880 in Achilles, Rawlins County, Kansas.   More information about this couple is found in the fifth section of this series of blog postings.

            William Morrison Bryan was the second child of Albert and Ann and was born on 21 December 1853 in Montezuma, Poweshiek County, Iowa.  I don’t know when William moved to Kansas but he married Belinda Niobe Alexander on 18 February 1882 in Rawlins County.  Belinda was born in September 1857 in Indiana.  William and Belinda had seven children, 4 boys and 3 girls:  Jay Beady, George William, Albert, Newton Morrison, Grace, Lucy Eva and Opal Esther Bryan.  In 1900 the census indicated that she had 6 children and all of them were still living.  Then in 1910, the census showed that she had 7 children and only 6 were living.  Grace died on 10 December 1901 in Paso Robles, California and was buried in in Paso Robles District Cemetery, plot 1-5. 

            In the 1900 census it stated that William was a teamster.  Then in 1910 and 1920 it stated that he was a drayman.  Then in 1930, he wasn’t working but William and Belinda owned a house with a value of $2500 at 1918 Pine Street in Paso Robles, California.

            William died sometime about the same time that Belinda did.  She died on 11 August 1938 and they were both buried in Paso Robles District Cemetery, plot 119, 3 and 4.

            Sarah Emily Bryan was the third child of Albert and Ann and she was born on 6 April 1856 in Montezuma, Poweshiek County, Iowa.  No documents have been found after the 1860 census that have Sarah listed.  However, in the 1900 census Ann stated that she had 5 children and 5 are living.  Therefore, I would assume that Sarah lived until at least 1900.

            Alice Edna Bryan was the fourth child of Albert and Ann and she was born on 25 September 1859 in Montezuma, Poweshiek County, Iowa.  Alice married Edward Alonzo Stone on 9 September 1884 in Montezuma, Poweshiek County, Iowa.  Edward was the son of Edward Stone and Sarah Hazen and was born on 15 February 1857 in Dearborn County, Indiana. 

            Alice and Edward had one girl Tillie.  

            Edward was a farmer in Ohio and South Dakota.  Then in 1920 he stated his occupation was laborer; draying. 

            Both Alice and Edward died in South Dakota.  Alice died in 1925 and Edward on 5 December 1928.      The headstone is in the Platte City Cemetery in Charles Mix County, South Dakota.

            Joseph Theodore Bryan was the youngest child of Albert and Ann and he was born on 7 September 1865 in Poweshiek County, Iowa.  Joseph married Mary Jane Good about 1889 in Montezuma, Poweshiek County, Iowa.  Mary was born on 8 December 1870 in Iowa.  Joseph and Mary Jane had three children:  Carl A, Thomas Andrew and Edith E Bryan. 

            Joseph was a farmer in 1880-1900.  Then he became a salesman for a general store.  By 1930 he was the proprietor of a variety store and in 1940 Mary worked in the store.

            Mary Jane Good Bryan died about 1944 and she is probably buried in Jackson Township Cemetery in Montezuma, Iowa. Joseph died on 1 September 1950 in Orange County, California, and I don’t know why he is in California at this time.  However he is buried in Jackson Township Cemetery in Montezuma, Iowa.