Thursday, October 27, 2011

Treasure Chest Thursday - Cuddle Rocker

This piece of furniture was always called a “cuddle rocker” by my Grandma and Grandpa.  It was where my sister and her boyfriend and later my brother and his girlfriend sat when they visited Grandma and Grandpa. It’s just the right size for two people to sit on if they like to sit close to each other.  And it rocks.   I don’t know where Grandma found this, although it was not new when it came to her house.  It was upholstered in a red fabric. 

Grandma didn't get it early enough for me to sit in it while dating my husband, Walt.  But we did sit in it for many years later, after we were married and moved close enough to visit.  When Grandma needed to move, I was the only one who had the space for this piece of furniture.  I did have it reupholstered, but the fond memories of her house, where it sat, and of Grandma and Grandpa remain.  What a treasure!!!!