Friday, April 11, 2014

52 Ancestors: #15 Albert Parker (1815-1902) Ohio to Iowa

Albert Bryan, son of Morrison Bryan and Rhoda Johnson, was born on 29 July 1815 in Greene County, Ohio.  He married Ann Parker on 12 November 1850 in Jefferson County, Iowa.  In 1847 Albert was granted a land patent in Fairfield, Mahaska County, Iowa.  Albert worked as a farmer and a master carpenter.  He spent the rest of his live in Poweshiek County, Iowa.

Albert and Ann had five children.  I was able to follow four of the five children, I have been unable to determine what happened to Sarah Emily Bryan who was born in 1855 and was listed in the 1860 census. So, the children of Albert and Ann were

Oliver Bryan (1851-1944) Iowa to California [married Mary Emma Doyle]

William Morrison Bryan (1853-1938) Iowa to California [married Belinda N. Alexander]

Sarah Emily Bryan (1855-   ) Iowa

Alice Edna Bryan (1859-1925) Iowa to South Dakota [married Edward Alonzo Stone]

Joseph Theodore Bryan (1865-1950) Iowa to California [married Mary Jane Good]

I believe that Albert is buried in the I.O.O. F. Cemetery in Montezuma, Poweshiek County, Iowa.  I have been able to acquire a death certificate.  Also, I am looking for information about a grave marker in order to get a photo of it.
If you are interested in any of these family members and would like to collaborate, please contact me.











Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tuesday's Tip: FamilySearch Deserves Another Look

Have you looked at during the past year?  Or even more recently?  If not, you will definitely be surprised at what is now available.

Because I am still indexing, some, I am aware of some of the new collections that are being added.   But I haven't thought about making sure others are also aware of this.  So what happened?

I was teaching a beginning genealogy class.  I mentioned using for copies of original records.  One of the younger ladies, who had worked on her family history about 15 years ago and then had life experiences interfering with her research, was in the class to see what was new.  She said she NEVER used familysearch because it only had family trees that were mostly wrong.  And she only used  Well, I felt the need to quickly inform her that things had changed a lot in the last 15 years.  The next week she came back and said she was really sorry she hadn't been using it during the past year once she picked up her research again.

So, I want to encourage you to look again at some of the collections.  From the first page, choose search.  Then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on United States.  On the next screen choose a state.  Then make a choice.  Yes, there are still many collections that are only indexes, but there are also more and more actual images online and indexed. 

Please understand that I am retired; I don't get compensation of any type for mentioning web sites.  I just don't want any of you to miss out on some of these great documents.

Friday, April 4, 2014

52 Ancestors: #14 - Bertha Jane Bryan Blackmore (1890-1943)

Bertha Jane Bryan was born in 1890 in Montezuma, Iowa. Her parents were Oliver Bryan and Mary Emma Doyle.   Before Bertha Jane was ten, her family moved to Rawlins County, Kansas.  She had two sisters that were living at the time of her birth, but another sister had died as an infant in 1884.  Bertha also had two brothers, but the one who was the youngest died in 1910 at age 17 in Colorado.

Bertha married Clifford Franklin Blackmore in 1914 in Riverside, California.  She was twenty-four at the time.  So, she had lived in three states before ending up in California. 

Bertha and Clifford had four children.

               Carl Russell Blackmore (1914-1998) born in California

               Glenn Chester Blackmore (1917-2013) born in California

               Estella Marie Blackmore Gee (1919-2007) born in Arizona

               Eugene Clifford Blackmore (1930-  ) born in California.

Bertha Jane Bryan Blackmore and Clifford Franklin Blackmore are both buried in Loma Vista Memorial Park, in Fullerton, California.  I hope to get photographs of their grave markers sometime during 2014.

If you are interested in collaborating with this family, please contact me. 

Friday, March 28, 2014

52 Ancestors: #13 Hilma Albertina Engdahl Kellison (1891-1984)

Hilma was born in Sweden in October 1891.  She and her sister Olga immigrated about 1904. 

Hilma married Walter Bailey Kellison in 1916 in Montana.  By 1920 they had moved to Washoe County, Nevada.  She and Walter had five children that I know of: Anna, Richard, Milton Bailey, Donald and Marlene.  Olga married Thurman Allen Poe about 1919.

While in Sparks, the Kellison family and the Poe family were mentioned in the local papers on a regular basis, for parties for the children as well as other activities. 

I am looking for information about the Poe family as well as the Engdahl family.  If you are willing to collaborate with this research, please contact me.

Friday, March 21, 2014

52 Ancestors: #12 Mary Emma Doyle Bryan (1853-1933)

Mary Emma Doyle was the daughter of John William Doyle and probably Rebecca Elizabeth Johnson Doyle.  Mary Emma was born in December 1853 in Ohio County, Virginia.  This area is in the state of West Virginia. 

After Mary’s mother died in 1858, her father moved the family to Kansas where the Doyle family and the Bryan family were neighbors. Mary Emma Doyle and Olive Bryan married in Rawlins County, Kansas in 1880.  Oliver and Mary Emma had six children.  Myrtle died as an infant and Oliver Herman died when he was about 17.  These children were born in Kansas.

               John Albert Bryan (1882-1975)
               Myrtle Bryan (1884-1884)
               Sylvia Augusta Bryan (1885-1973)
               Alma Viola Bryan (1888-1974)

These two children were born in Iowa, so obviously the family moved.

               Bertha Jane Bryan (1890-1943)
               Oliver Herman Bryan (1893-1910)

The family were members of the Methodist church according to the 1895 Iowa State Census.  By 1900 the family is back in Kansas, again in Rawlins County.  By 1910 they were living in Delta County, Colorado.  Another move, before 1920, was to Southern California.  Mary Emma died in 1933 in Pomona.  I do not know where she was buried.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Backup!! Another lesson learned

Please, please.  Back up your computer on a regular basis;  a very regular basis.  AND, don't just use an external drive.

This story isn't about me;  it's about YOU.  Last night, while my husband Walt and I were at a 70th birthday party for a friend (we were gone a little over 2 hours), a group of about 3 (according to a neighbor) broke into our house.  Long story made very short, but a friend had come to the backyard, saw the broken window, ran to the neighbor's house and he called 911.  He also saw the group run out of our yard.  So, he knew there were at least 3; he knew what direction they ran, etc.  Not too much was taken, but three bedrooms were ransacked (YES, horribly).  Walt and I are OK, except this morning we're tired; didn't sleep too well last night.  Now we just have lots of cleaning to do, insurance company to notify, locks rekeyed (just in case), etc. 

So, where's the story about you?  This group dropped some of the bags in the back yard.  In them were 3 computers AND my external hard drive:  where all of my backup files are stored.  I've been meaning to get cloud storage, but just haven't.  This week I'll be doing a few things differently, in case you hadn't guessed.

I guess what I'm trying to say is use something that is not near your computer when you are backing up, because something may happen to both the computer and the external device. 

Friday, March 14, 2014

52 Ancestors: #11 Oliver Bryan (1851-1944)

Oliver Bryan was the oldest child of Albert and Ann Parker Bryan.  He was born in 2 October 1951 in Jefferson County Iowa.  In 1860 Oliver and his family were living in Poweshiek County, Iowa.  I have been unable to find Oliver in the 1870 census.  Oliver is in Rawlins, Kansas for the 1880 census.  Then Oliver married Mary Emma Doyle in December 1880 in Rawlins County, Kansas. 

Oliver and Mary Emma had six children.  Myrtle died as an infant and Oliver Herman died when he was about 17.  These children were born in Kansas.

               John Albert Bryan (1882-1975)
               Myrtle Bryan (1884-1884)
               Sylvia Augusta Bryan (1885-1973)
               Alma Viola Bryan (1888-1974)

These two children were born in Iowa, so obviously the family moved.

               Bertha Jane Bryan (1890-1943)
               Oliver Herman Bryan (1893-1910)

By the time the 1900 census was recorded the family was living in Kansas again.  Then in 1910 Oliver and Mary were living in Colorado.  They moved again before 1920 because they were enumerated in California, where they continued to live until their deaths.  Oliver died in 1944 in Pomona, in Los Angeles County.  I don’t know where Oliver was buried and I don’t have a copy of his death certificate.