Sunday, July 24, 2011

Thrifty Thursday - Office Supply Sales

No, it's not Thursday but I'm posting this early for any of you who follow my blog. 

Many of you may not have school age children and so you forgot that school supplies go on sale in July and August.  I just read the Sunday ads.  Well, there are pens, pencils (mechanical which are great for repositories), and notebooks (binders) of all sizes.  Erasers of all types, some at 10 for $0.39, are great for those errors I make.  Copy/printing paper at one store is $1.99 for 400 sheets.  At my favorite office supply store, with my loyalty card and a rebate, I can buy 10 reams of paper, each 500 sheets, for an end cost of $9.99.  That's $1 for 500 sheets of printer paper.  (I think I'll find space in the bottom of a closet.) 

So, look at your local office supply store, pharmacy/drug store, discount store, and even large grocery stores for some incredible sales.  And stock up on what you know you can use.