Monday, April 23, 2012

Indexing - 1940 Census - Given Names

My understanding of the "rules" for indexing names is to type what is written.  That means that "Geo" is Geo NOT George.  And "Wm" is Wm NOT William.  As an arbitrator, I really don't like to have the percentage of accuracy go down for the indexer who spelled out the name completely, but it happens. 

Now, if the rules have changed since I began indexing, someone needs to clarify it for all of us.  But for now, I will reluctantly make the decision that what is written is what I am supposed to index or choose during arbitration even though I know that both spellings clearly identify the same person. 

I hope this hint helps all of you great indexers improve your accuracy percent.  Remember, the more accurate we all are, the quicker the indexing will be done. Then we can all enjoy the results of our efforts. 

NGS - Cincinnati

I'll be there.  I'm excited.  This will be my first NGS conference. 

Now,  I just received a notice that lunch reservations must be made by March 24, which is tomorrow.  So, if you haven't made plans for lunch, look at the possibilities.  This is the link for topics and speakers. 

See you in 2+weeks.