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Surname Saturday - Bryan and Doyle


This is the fifth section of a booklet that I put together for my father-in-law’s 96th birthday.  His parents were Clifford Franklin and Bertha Bryan Blackmore.  Section five is about Bertha Bryan’s parents.  Future postings will include the other parents and grandparents of Clifford and Bertha and will include Blincow and Doyle surnames.  I have also included information about the siblings of these direct ancestors.   

Oliver Bryan and Mary Emma Doyle Bryan

          Oliver BRYAN was the oldest child of Albert and Ann.  He was born on 2 October 1851 in Jefferson County, Iowa.  Oliver married Mary Emma DOYLE on 30 December 1880 in Achilles, Rawlins County, Kansas.   Mary was born on 16 December 1853, the daughter of John William DOYLE and Rebecca Elizabeth JOHNSON, in Wheeling, Ohio County, Virginia.  This area of Virginia is now part of West Virginia since this was before 1863 when West Virginia officially became a state.  Ohio County is in northern West Virginia and borders the states of Pennsylvania and Ohio.

            Oliver was born in Iowa in Jefferson County, which is in southeast Iowa.  He and his family moved to Poweshiek County, which is northwest of Jefferson before 1856 and he lived there until at least 1860.  Sometime before 1880, Oliver moved to Rawlins County, Kansas, even though his family still lived in Iowa. 

            Sometime in the 1870s John William Doyle (Mary Emma’s father) and his children moved from Illinois to Kansas. In 1858 in Iowa Rebecca, his wife, died during childbirth.  Oliver and Mary Emma’s family lived very near each other on farms in the 1880 census.

            Oliver and Mary Emma Doyle Bryan had 6 children:  two sons and four daughters (John Albert, Myrtle, Sylvia, Alma, Bertha Jane, and Oliver Herman).

            Oliver and Mary lived on farms in Kansas and Iowa until the early 1900s.  Except for Sylvia and her husband all of their children moved with them to Colorado where, for a short time about 1910, they lived on a farm.  Then they moved to Southern California. 

            In 1914 as indicated in the clippings Oliver leased land for a poultry farm in Winchester, California, although he gave up the lease in December 1914.  According to the 1920 census Oliver was now working in the oil fields.

            Mary Emma Doyle Bryan died on 7 December 1933 in Pomona, California.  Mary and Oliver were possibly living at 1136 W 4th Street in Pomona at this time.   She was 80.  In 1940 Oliver was living with his daughter Alma and her husband Charles Billstrom and their children at 320 No Hamilton, Pomona.  Oliver died on 8 July 1944 in Pomona, Los Angeles County, California.

Brothers and Sisters of Bertha Jane Bryan

            John Albert Bryan was born on 6 Jul 1882 in Achilles, Rawlins County, Kansas.  He married Clara Lee Bussey, the daughter of Robert S Bussey and Eva Elizabeth Gordon, on 30 May 1918 in California.  Clara was born on 30 May 1893 in Alabama.  She moved to California with her parents sometime before 1910.

            In 1900, while he was living in Iowa near his parents, John was listed as a farm laborer in the census records.  John registered for the World War I draft in 1918 in California.  He stated that he was short, of medium build and had blue eyes and brown hair.  At the time he registered for the draft, he listed his next of kin as Clara Lee Bryan.  He stated that he was a truck driver for Union Oil Company in Brea, California. 

            The 1920 census showed that John was working in the oil fields.  This record showed that most of the men in this Placentia, California, neighborhood where John and Clara were living were also working in the oil fields in various jobs.  John’s occupation changed in the 1930s and 1940s. Addresses for John and Clara during the 1930s were all in Pomona.   In the census records for both 1930 and 1940, John was listed as owning or working on a poultry farm. 

            It appears that John Albert and Clara had no children. 

            Clara died on 18 September 1944 in San Bernardino County, California. After Clara’s death John married Anna Louise Barnes Rennick on 18 March 1945. Rennick was the name of Anna’s first husband.  Anna was born between 1900 and 1905 and records are in conflict as to whether she was born in Maine or New York.  She died in September 1992 in San Bernardino County, California.  John died in 15 May 1975 in Montclair, San Bernardino County, California. 

            Myrtle Bryan was born on 5 April 1884 in Achilles, Rawlins County, Kansas.  She died a few days later on 10 April 1884 in Achilles, Kansas.

            Sylvia August Bryan was born on 4 April 1884 in Achilles, Rawlins County, Kansas.  Sylvia married Thomas Malone on 28 September 1904 in Tully, Rawlins County, Kansas.  Thomas was the son of John Malone and Mary Ann Delaney and was born on 3 February 1871 in Illinois. 

            Even though her family moved to Colorado about 1910, Sylvia, Thomas, and their adopted daughter Anna stayed in Kansas.  While living in Kansas, Thomas was a farmer.  Then, by 1928, their family was in Pomona at 525 W Monterey Street and Thomas was working for the railroad.  His occupation was listed as watchman or crossing watchman in both the 1930 and 1940 census records.  Beginning about 1928 they lived at 525 West Monterey Street in Pomona, California. 

            Thomas Malone died on 27 April 1954 in Los Angeles County, California.  Sylvia died in Los Angeles County, California on 26 August 1973.

            Alma Viola Bryan was born on 31 May 1888 in Achilles, Rawlins County, Kansas.  Alma married Charles Oscar Billstrom on 15 June 1908 in Read, Delta County, Colorado.  Charles was born on 27 June 1884 in Holdredge, Nebraska, the son of John Peter Billstrom and Mary Christina Berggren. 

            In 1910 the census showed that Charles was working in a coal mine in Colorado.  Charles and Alma had eight children:  seven boys and one girl who was the youngest:  Don Alfred, Charles Oscar, Loren, Ted John, Oliver Pete, Robert Stanley, Herbert Leroy and Christina Marie Billstrom.  The first five boys were all born in Colorado, while the last two boys and Christina were born in California. Their son Loren died before 1920.  Sometime between 1916 and 1918, the family moved to California. 

            Charles filled out the WWI draft registration card while working in Montana as a blacksmith for Clifton Applegate & Toole Co, in Anaconda, Montana.  This card indicated that his wife was living in Fullerton, California.  Charles indicated that he was tall, of medium build and he had blue eyes and brown hair.

            In 1920, Charles and Alma, along with five of their children (Don, Charley, Teddy, Oliver and Robert) were living near Alma’s parents, Oliver and Mary Bryan in Placentia, California.  Charles was working in the oil fields, as were most of the men in the neighborhood.  Also working for an oil company in 1930 were their sons Don Alfred and Charles Oscar. It appears from information in the 1930 and 1940 census records that this family lived in Pomona in both 1930 and 1940.  However the 1940 census records showed that in 1935 they lived in Delta, Colorado.

            Charles died on 16 April 1959 in San Bernardino County, California. Alma died on 23 May 1974 in Santa Clarita, Los Angeles County, California.

            Bertha Jane Bryan married Clifford Franklin Blackmore on 10 November 1914 in Winchester, California.  She was born in Montezuma, Poweshiek County, Iowa on 26 August 1890 to Oliver Bryan and Mary Emma Oliver.  More information about this couple is found in the first section of this series.

            Oliver Herman Bryan was Oliver and Mary Emma’s youngest son.  He was born on 7 November 1893 in Pleasant, Poweshiek County, Iowa.  He died on 23 June 1910 in Read, Delta County, Colorado.  In the 1910 census Oliver was living with his parents in Colorado and was listed as single. He must have died soon after this census was taken.



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Surname Saturday - Blincow and Howe

This is the fourth section of a booklet that I put together for my father-in-law’s 96th birthday.  His parents were Clifford Franklin and Bertha Bryan Blackmore.  Section four is about Clifford’s maternal grandparents.  Future postings will include the other parents and grandparents of Clifford and Bertha and will include Blincow and Doyle surnames.  I have also included information about the siblings of these direct ancestors. 

William Blincow and Betsy W Howe 

            William A Blincow was born on 7 December 1831 in England.  He was baptized on 22 August 1835 in Long Buckby, Northamptonshire, England.  William A Blincow was the son of William Blincow and Elizabeth Robinson. 

            On 16 October 1860, William married Betsy Wikes Howe in England.   Betsy was born on 26 January 1838 in Long Buckby, England, the daughter of William Howe and Elizabeth Kilsby. 

            William and Betsy had eight children.  Five were born in England: William, Richard, Frederick Howe, Mary Elizabeth, and Eliza Helen. They immigrated on 1 May 1872.   Then three children (Frank Robert, Ada Louise and George) were born in Nebraska. Both first and second papers for naturalization were filed in York County, Nebraska.  In 1880 William was a farmer.  The family moved to Kansas sometime before 1894.  In 1900 William was a clerk for the district court in Thomas County, Kansas. 

            William died on 10 July 1903 in Colby, Kansas.  In the 1910 census Betsy has her son George living with her. The 1915 Kansas State Census showed that Betsy was living with J A Horning and Nellie.  Nellie was one of her daughters.  Betsy died on 17 December 1915 in Norton, Kansas.  Both William and Betsy were buried in Beulah Cemetery, Colby, Thomas County, Kansas.  The headstone also has George listed on it.

 Children of William and Betsy Blincow

            William Blincow was born on 23 August 1861 in Long Buckby, England.  William married Minnie Rose Stauffer on 27 June 1894 in Colby, Kansas.  Minnie was born in October 1876 in Jewell County, Kansas.  They had three children:  Bessie May, Ivy Pearl and Wayne Albert, all born in Kansas before 1900.

            William and Minnie obviously had moved their family to Colorado before 1917.  A newspaper clipping showed that Minnie’s mother was visiting and there was an accident where Wayne Blincow ran into a car while avoiding a boy who had been knocked off of his bicycle by a horse.  Confusing???

            In 1920, the family was living in Fort Lupton, Colorado.  William was a farm operator there.  In 1930 William and Minnie were living in different counties in Kansas.  William was living with a family and working on their farm.  Minnie was listed as “sister in law” in a Stoefer family, but I believe she was really an aunt. 

            Minnie died on 27 October 1938 in Spokane, Washington at age 62.  I wonder if, when she died, she was visiting her son Wayne Albert Blincow, his wife Anna and their children, since in 1940 they all lived in Spokane.  

            William died on 19 August 1946 in Weld County, Colorado at age 84.  Both of them were buried in Mizpah Cemetery, Platteville, Colorado.

            Richard Blincow was born on 24 October 1864 in Long Buckby, England.  He immigrated with his parents in 1972.  He married Lydia Annetta Rebecca Brown on 25 June 1893 in Colby,    Thomas County, Kansas.  Lydia was born on 3 February 1875 in Colby, Kansas and was the daughter of Reuben Scott Brown and Lucretia Jane “Creta” Atteberry.

            Richard and Lucretia Blincow had seven children:  Gertrude Edith, Clyde Lawrence, Elmer Arthur, Grace Lucretia, Floyd Leslie, Mabel Mildred and Ruth Margaret Blincow.  Richard worked as a farmer in Thomas and then in Nebraska.

            Richard died on 23 November 1923 in Oxford, Furnas & Harlan Counties, Nebraska, at age 59.  Lydia died on 13 June 1931, also in Oxford.  Both of them are buried in Oxford Cemetery, Harlan County, Nebraska.

            Frederick Howe Blincow was born on 14 May 1867 in Long Buckby, England.  Frederick married Nellie Arene McConnell, daughter of Josiah W McConnell and Eliza E Cuddeback, on 7 November 1889 in York, York County, Nebraska.  Nellie was born on 9 July 1873 in Bee-Town, Grant County, Wisconsin. 

            Frederick and Nellie had six children:  Roy Malvin, Myrtle Irene, Guy Lloyd, Harold Laverne, Lyle Wayne and Josiah William Blincow.  Fred worked as a farmer in Furnas County, Nebraska until at least 1940.  In 1940 he was listed as a wd (widowed) and his son Lyle and family were living with him.

            Nellie died at age 61 on 18 October 1934 in Oxford, Nebraska.  Frederick died on 21 February 1962 in McCool Junction, York County, Nebraska, at age 84.  Both of them were buried in Oxford Cemetery, Harlan County, Nebraska.

            Mary Elizabeth “Polly” BLINCOW  was born on 3 May 1869 in Long Buckby, England.  She was the daughter of William A Blincow and Betsy Wikes Howe. She married George Marlin Blackmore in York, Nebraska on 30 December 1887.  For more information about this family please see earlier blog postings.

            Eliza “Nellie” Helen Blincow was born on 4 December 1870 in Long Buckby England.  Eliza immigrated in 1872.   She married John Andrew Horning about 1892.  John was born about 1865 in Indiana.  They had six children:  Olive E, Ethel, William C, Alice H, Ruth and John Irvin Horning.  John worked as a farmer in Norton County, from 1900 until at least 1940, according to US and Kansas State Census records.

            John died I June 1950 in Kansas at about age 85 and Eliza died at about age 84 on 7 October 1955 in Kansas.  They were both buried in Norton Cemetery, Norton, Kansas.

            Frank Robert Blincow was born on 3 November 1872 in Fairmont, Nebraska.  Frank married Millie Priscilla Brown, the daughter of Reuben Scott Brown and Lucretia Jane “Creta” Atteberry.  Frank and Millie had three children:  Harlan Robert, Ethel Irene and Homer Brown Blincow.

            Frank seems to have been a farmer for his entire life, basically in Furnas County, Nebraska.  In the 1940 census, the value of his property was listed as $2500.

            Millie died on 29 December 1944 in Nebraska at age 65.  Frank died on 19 June 1945 at age 72, also in Nebraska.  They were both buried in Oxford Cemetery, Harlan County, Nebraska.

            Ada Louise Blincow was born on 11 March 1873 in Fairmont, Nebraska.  Ada married William Rupert Farris on 4 March 1898 in Mt Auburn, Iowa.  William was born in March 1867 in Iowa. His parents were John W Farris and Rhoda C Potts.  Ada and William  had six children, all girls:  Pearl H, Hazel I, Zella Mae, Wilma A, Grace H, and Vera M. 

            It appears that Pearl died before 1910, as she was not in the 1910 census with the rest of her family.  William and Ada lived in Benton County for their entire lives.  William was a farmer.  In the 1940 census, they declared the value of their farm as $600.

            William died at age 86 in 1953 in Benton County.  Ada died on 15 April 1957 in Benton County at age 83.  They were buried in Mount Auburn Cemetery in Benton County, Iowa. 

            George Blincow was born on 18 February 1877 in Fairmont, Nebraska. George moved to Kansas between 1880 and 1895.  It appears that he lived in Thomas County for his entire life. In the 1910, 1920 and 1930 census records he indicated that he worked in a hotel. It also seems like he never married.   He died on 11 January 1962 in Colby, Thomas County, Kansas, at age 73.  He was buried in Beulah Cemetery, Colby, Kansas.  The headstone lists George as well as his parents.

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Surname Saturday - Blackmore and Lemon

This is the third section of a booklet that I put together for my father-in-law's 96th birthday.  His parents were Clifford Franklin and Bertha Bryan Blackmore.  Section three is about Clifford's paternal grandparents.  Future postings will include the other parents and grandparts of Clifford and Bertha and will include Blincow and Doyle surnames.  I have also included a little information about the siblings of these direct ancestors.

Thomas Greenslade Blackmore and Jane Francis Lemon

           Thomas Greenslade BLACKMORE was born on 21 August 1828 in Somerset, England.  Since Thomas was in Illinois in 1850, he emigrated before then.  And since he had a brother born in New York in 1835, it appears he immigrated sometime between 1828 and 1835. 
            Thomas married Jane Frances LEMON on 8 December 1853 in Brimfield, Peoria County, Illinois.  Jane Frances Lemon was born on 8 January 1835 in Virginia to George Lemon and Mary Shane.
            Thomas and Jane had had seven children:  Mary Frances, Charles B, Benjamin B, Henry W, George Marlin, and twins Callie N and Calvin Lewis Blackmore. Thomas was a farmer and it appears that in 1870 he was quite successful.  The 1870 census for Saunemin, Livingston County, Illinois, stated that his real estate value was $13,200 and his personal property value was $2465.  Sometime between 1870 and 1880, the family moved to Nebraska. 
            The family obviously moved to Colorado because in the 1896 Colorado State Business Directory, it states that Thomas owns a restaurant.  Thomas Greenslade Blackmore died in Granite, Colorado on 18 August 1898 and was buried in Granite Cemetery, Granite, Chaffee County, Colorado.
            From the Family Book written by Clifford F. Blackmore, page 6,  "After Thomas' death Jane lived with Calvin at Granite and Buena Vista a few years but the last years of her life, except one year with Charles in California and one year with George at Rifle, Colorado were spent with Mary at Pontiac, Illinois."  This may explain why Jane died in Illinois instead of Colorado as Thomas did.  Jane died on 1 September 1927 in Livingston County, Illinois and was buried in Five Mile Cemetery located near Saunemin, Illinois.
Children of Thomas and Jane Lemon Blackmore
            Mary Frances Blackmore was born on 21 December 1854 in Brimfield, Peoria County, Illinois.  Mary married William F Cottrell on 15 February 1872 in Livingston County, Illinois.  William was born on 21 January 1838 in Lansing, Ingham County, Michigan, the son of John Cottrell and Catherine Arnold.  Mary and William appeared to have lived in Livingston County their entire lives. 
           Mary and William had nine children, six boys and three girls.  The first two children were two boys, Harry B and Charles O.  Then the three girls were born:  Ada Jane, May Janette and Lucy Belle.  They were followed by four more boys:  William Thomas, Henry Clinton, Alvin Marquis and George Andrew.   The 1900 census indicated that Mary had nine children and only eight were living at this time.  However, I have found all nine children in this year’s census:  six with Mary and William and three married and living with their spouses.  Then in 1910 the census stated that Mary had ten children and nine were living.  I don’t know who the other child might be. William was a farmer for his entire life.
            Mary died on 30 Jun 1926 in Pontiac, Livingston County, Illinois and she was buried on 3 July 1926 in Five Mile Cemetery, Saunemin, Illinois.  William died on 4 July 1926 in Livingston County, Illinois and was buried on 6 July 1926 also in Five Mile Cemetery.
            Charles B Blackmore was born on 30 April 1856 in Pontiac, St. Claire County, Illinois.  Charles married Susan K Snowberger on 27 March 1889 in Holyoke, Colorado.  Susan was born on 6 August 1864 in Monticello, White County, Indiana to John Snyder Snowberger and Susanna Clapper.
            Charles and Susan had three children, two boys Homer Eugene and Paul Clarence and one girl, Ruth. 
           Charles had numerous occupations.  In 1880 he was a laborer on a farm next to his parents’ farm.  In 1900 he was a baker while in 1910 he was a merchant in a general store.  According to the following news article, Charles also had a farm. 
            In the February 10, 1914  issue of the Riverside Daily Press it stated that Charles Blackmore purchased an automobile.  It doesn’t appear that Charles had much time to enjoy his automobile since he purchased the car in February and died on 27 November 1914.  He is buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Los Angeles.
            After Charles died, Susan married William James Haslam in 1919.  William had been married to Anice Fast, who died about 1917.  He was a rancher in Redlands, California.  It’s probable that William and Susan either divorced or separated sometime about 1925 because in the 1930 census they were enumerated in two different cities.
           William died about 1941. Susan died about 1942 in Redlands, San Bernardino County, California and was buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Los Angeles, California.
            Benjamin B Blackmore was born on 4 April 1859 in Brimfield, Peoria County, Illinois.  Benjamin married Frances “Fannie” Elizabeth Hunter on 3 May 1881 in Sangamon County, Illinois.  Frances was the daughter of Thomas Hunter and Catherine McDaniel and she was born on 24 Jul 1855 in Dawson, Sangamon County Illinois. 
           Benjamin and Fannie had nine children, five girls (Claretta, Anna Laura, Lillian Loraine, Lula Amanda and Mary Frances) and four boys (Reuben Calvin, John Benjamin, Carl Thomas and Lawrence Mozart).
            A newspaper clipping stated that Benjamin took 42 children to the state fair on a hay wagon.  He must have really liked children. 
            The 1900 census shows that Benjamin is a day laborer.  It appears that a couple of years later he was working with a coal company.  In the 1909 City Directory, Benjamin and Fannie were living at 1025 E Capitol Ave, Springfield, and Benjamin was listed as a teamster for Baker & Baker.  In the 1912 City Director, Benjamin was listed as a laborer for I T S.  He was injured and the Springfield, Illinois, newspaper Daily Illinois State Journal, had weekly updates as to his recovery progress.  Then in 1917 Fannie was injured “when the horse she was driving broke loose” according to the Daily Illinois State Register on July 18, 1917.
            Benjamin and Fannie spent their entire lives in Illinois, mostly in the Sangamon County area.
            Benjamin died on 22 September 1920 in Mechanicsburg, Sangamon County, Illinois and was buried in Mechanicsburg Cemetery, in Illinois.  Frances died on 25 April 1935 in Springfield, Illinois and was buried three days later in Mechanicsburg Cemetery in Mechanicsburg, Illinois.
            Henry W Blackmore was born on 22 August 1862 in Pontiac, St. Claire County, Illinois.  Henry married Martha “Mattie” Roxanna Patterson on 29 August 1882 in Boise, Ada County, Idaho.  Martha was born about 1857 in North Carolina.  Henry and Martha had one child, Henrietta, who was born in 1883.  Unfortunately Henry died on 28 June 1883 in Idaho a few months before Henrietta was born and Martha died in childbirth.
            George Marlin BLACKMORE was born on 27 March 1865 in Odell, Livingston County and he married Mary Elizabeth “Polly” BLINCOW.  “Polly” was born on 3 May 1869 in Long Buckby, England.  She was the daughter of William A Blincow and Betsy Wikes Howe.  More complete information about George and Polly is in an earlier blog posting.
            Callie N Blackmore and Calvin Lewis Blackmore were twins born on 13 February 1868 in Pontiac, Illinois.
            Callia or Callie married Frances E Davis on 18 July 1890 in Fairmont, Fillmore County, Nebraska.  In 1900 they had four children.   Two sons Lewis Edmond and Oliver Keenin married and I was able to find out information about them after 1900.  The two girls, Ziliah and Irene, are mysteries and I have been unable to discover anything further. 
            Callia may have married a man whose last name was Geisen or Giesen sometime after 1900 because on the marriage certificate for Lewis Edmond Davis in 1923, his certificate listed his father as Frances E Davis and his mother as Callia Giesen. 
            Then on 15 May 1930 Callia L Davis or Callia L Blackmore married H B Duane, who I believe was Harry B Duane.  This marriage record in Washington listed her name as Callia L Blackmore and notes that she had one previous marriage.  No further information is known about Callia or her spouses.
            Calvin Lewis Blackmore owned a meat market in 1896 in Granite, Colorado.  He married Evangeline “Eva” Lovering Smith on 6 March 1907 in nearby Buena Vista, Chaffee County, Colorado.  Eva was born on 3 February 1892 in Buena Vista, Colorado.  They had four children, three girls and one boy, Faye, Mae, Calvin Morton and Helen.  I believe Calvin and Eva divorced in 1927. 
            Calvin then married a woman named Emma, last name unknown, sometime about 1927.  Calvin died on 6 December 1953 in Los Angeles County, California.
            Eva also remarried, before 1930, to Roy Gutierrez.  She may have died about 1960 in California, but no proof is offered at this time.  No further information is known about her.


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Surname Saturday - Blackmore and Blincow

This is the second section of a booklet that I put together for my father-in-law’s 96th birthday.  His parents were Clifford Franklin and Bertha Bryan Blackmore.  Section two is about Clifford’s parents.  Future postings will include the other parents and grandparents of Clifford and Bertha and will include Blincow and Doyle surnames.  I have also included a small amount of information about the siblings of these direct ancestors. 

George Marlin Blackmore and Mary Blincow

            George Marlin BLACKMORE was born on 27 March 1865 in Odell, Livingston County, Illinois to Thomas Greenslade Blackmore and Jane Francis Lemon.  Sometime in the 1870s George with his family moved to Nebraska.  In the 1880 census George and his parents were living in North Platte, Nebraska and in 1885 they were living in McFadden in York County, Nebraska. 

            George married Mary Elizabeth “Polly” BLINCOW.  “Polly” was born on 3 May 1869 in Long Buckby, England.  She was the daughter of William A Blincow and Betsy Wikes Howe. This family emigrated from England about 1872. 

            In 1885 the Blackmore family and the Blincow family lived next to each other in York, Nebraska.  Then on 30 December 1887 Polly married George in York.  They lived in Nebraska, for a brief time in Kansas as Mattie Hazel was there and then they moved to Colorado.

            Mary and George had eight children:  Henry Irvin, Clifford Franklin, Ada Florence, Mattie Hazel, Harold Robert, Leonard, Reba Martha and George Raymond Blackmore. 

            According to different census records, George was a teamster (1900) and a house carpenter (1910) in Granite, Colorado, and a farmer (1920) in Rifle, Colorado.  However, in the 1906 Colorado State Business Directory it stated that George M Blackmore owned a meat market.  George’s brother Calvin owned a meat market in 1896.  Did George buy this from his brother Calvin who then moved?

            In 1940 George and Mary lived “in town” at 239 Fifth Street, Rifle.  George died on 13 November 1949 in Rifle, Garfield County, Colorado and he was buried in November 1949 in Rifle.  Polly died on 23 January 1951 and she was also buried in Rifle.

Children of George and Mary Blincow Blackmore

            Henry Irvin Blackmore was born on 8 December 1888 in McCool, Nebraska. I believe he died in January 1898 in Granite, Chaffee County, Colorado.  No further information is known about him.

            Clifford Franklin Blackmore was born on 16 February 1890 in McCool, Nebraska.  He married Bertha Jane Bryan on 10 November 1914 in Winchester, California.  More complete information about this family is found in the first section of this blog series.
            Ada Florence Blackmore was born on 1 November 1891 in Fairmont, Nebraska.  By 1900 Ada and her family were living in Granite, Colorado.   Ada married Edward Loesch on 29 June 1913 in Glenwood Springs, Colorado.  Edward was born on 4 January 1889 in Colorado.  His parents were Jacob B Loesch and Julia A Voltz.  According to the World War I Draft Registration card, Edward was short, stout and had blue eyes and light brown hair.

            Edward and Ada had five children:  three boys (Edward Jacob, George Wallace and Russell Eugene) and two girls (Mary Idell and Lois Ada).  All of the children were born in Colorado.  Edward and Ada lived in Granite County, but according to various census records, their farms were in the towns of Divide, South Rifle and Silt.  Edward died on 31 January 1952 in Colorado.  Ada died in August 1982 in Rifle, Colorado. 

            Mattie Hazel Blackmore was born on 4 February 1893 in Colby, Thomas County, Kansas.  She married Otis Albert Mallory on 26 July 1914 in Rifle, Colorado.  Otis was born on 26 July 1886 in Wills Gulch, Gilpin County, Colorado. 

            Otis and Mattie had six children, four boys (Albert “Marlin”, Clayton Kent, Lloyd Raymond and Gene) and two girls (Phyllis Marie and Mary Margie).  Gene died when he was about six weeks old.  He is buried in Rose Hill Cemetery.  Another son, Albert Marlin died at age 22.  He is also buried in this cemetery. 

            Otis was a farmer but in a 1928 city directory it stated that he and Mattie were living in Grand Junction and he was working for the Holly Sugar Corp. 

            Then in 1940 Otis was working in Brea, California, for a citrus fruit company.  It is unknown how long they lived in California but Otis was listed in the 1948 voter registration list for Orange County, California.

            Otis died on 24 October 1949 and he is buried in the Rose Hill Cemetery in Colorado.  Mattie died on 4 January 1958 in Brea, Orange County, California. 

            Harold Robert Blackmore was born on 23 June 1895 in Granite, Colorado.  Harold married Florence Moore on 19 November 1923 in Glenwood Springs,
Colorado.  When looking at postcards, parts of the town look less developed, but Glenwood Springs appears to have been a resort area because the town had at least two large hotels, springs and even a large wood slide for the children to use to go into some water.  I don’t know if it was a lake or springs though.

            In 1930 Harold and Florence were living in Phoenix, Arizona.  Florence was a nurse and Harold was a lettuce packer.  A 1932 Reno, Nevada, newspaper stated that Florence Blackmore and Harold Blackmore were granted a divorce decree.  After the divorce I don’t have any more information about Florence.

            On 31 December 1935 Harold married Alta Lucine Gwynn in Rifle.  Alta was born about 11 September 1913 in Thermopolis, Wyoming.  They had no children. 

            Harold died on 8 March 1979 in Rifle. 

            Alta died on 11 May 2006 also in Rifle, Colorado.  The obituary for Alta ran in four Colorado newspapers.  This one is from the Vail Daily News on May 17, 2006

            Leonard S Blackmore was born on 4 April 1898 and died a few months later on 26 August 1898, in Granite, Colorado.  Leonard was buried in Home of Peace Cemetery in Weld, Colorado.

            Reba Martha Blackmore was born on 7 December 1900 in Granite, Colorado.  Reba married Emery Clifford Harlow on 14 August 1921 in Meeker, Colorado.  Often Emery went by the name Clifford.  He was born on 30 November 1898 in Glenwood Springs, Garfield County.  From his World War I Draft Registration card it indicated that he was tall and slender and had blue eyes and light brown hair. 

            Cliff and Reba had one boy Gerald Vincent and one girl Gladys Maxine.  Both of them were born in Colorado.  Cliff was generally a farmer; however in the 1940 census he was listed as a proprietor of a “Gasoline Filling Station” in Rifle, Colorado.  Cliff and Reba both died in Rifle: Cliff on 27 February 1968 and Reba in 1974.  They were buried in the Moose Lodge Section of Rose Hill Cemetery in Rifle.

            George Raymond Blackmore was born on 17 May 1904 in Granite, Colorado.  He married Nettie Wright on 7 March 1928 in Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

            Nettie was the daughter of Barnabas Wright and Daisy Raymond and was born on 9 March 1907 in Garfield County.  George and Nettie had three children, Harold Elmer, Irene Loraine and Dorothy Rae.  Nettie died on 14 January 1956 in Rifle.  According to a book written by Clifford F Blackmore, George then married Zella, last name unknown, on 21 February 1960.  They probably married in Colorado since it appears that George spent his entire life in that state.

            George died on 12 July 1967 in Grand Junction, Colorado.  No further information is known about Zella.