Friday, June 27, 2014

52 Ancestors: #26 - Mary Olive Teague Reese Severs (1871 IN – 1906 KS)

Mary Olive Teague was born on 1 Aug 1871 in Spencer County, Indiana to Elijah and Eliza Teague.  In the 1880 census, Mary and her family were in Buffalo, Newton County, Missouri. 
On 1 Aug 1886 Mary married Daniel Reese (or Reece) in Benton County, Arkansas.  I don’t believe they had any children.  I don’t know if Daniel died or if they got a divorced.
On 12 Oct 1891, Mary Olive married Jacob Henry Severs in Neosho, Newton County, Missouri.  In the 1900 census, Mary was enumerated as Tige and she and Jacob had 4 children.  Two more children were born but Mary died at the time that their daughter Mary was born in1906. This daughter also died at this time.

The children of Jacob Henry Severs, sometimes called James H. Severs, and Mary Olive were these:
Emma Mae Severs, 1892-1957 – married William Buford “Boots” Bumgardner about 1910 in Kansas. She then married Robert James Hatcher in 1926.
Elijah Daniel Severs (1895-1971).  Elijah married May Lucille, last name unknown.  They both died in Seattle, King County, Washington.  I believe they had one daughter, Carra Severs, born about 1925.
Mattie Neice Severs (1895-1975)married Leander Hudgin on 17 Sep 1915 in Cowley County, Kansas.  They had three daughters: Shirley, Mary, and Ruby.
Mamie Ivy Severs (1898-1906) died in Gueda Springs, Kansas, at age 8.
Jess Harlan Severs (1901-1968) married Katherine Elizabeth Trice on 6 June 1925 in Pittsburgh, Crawford County, Kansas. They had two daughters.

Jacob Henry Severs married Dollie Getrude Collins on 23 February 1924 in Newton County Missouri. However, in a marriage record on the notes state that James Henry Severs married Dollie Gertrude Stenfield on that date.  Therefore, I don’t know of Dollie was married before she married Jacob or not.  I do know that Jacob and Dollie divorced before 1940 because she married William Franklin Christian.
I am descended through Jess Harlan.  If you would like to share information, please contact me.  I would like to collaborate with you.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

GRIP 2014 - Planning #1

GRIP, the Genealogical Research Institute of Pittsburgh, doesn't begin for over a month.  I always like to do some planning in advance, and with my schedule for the next three weeks, I need to do even a little more advanced planning. 

I received an email from Elissa and Debbie, the GRIP co-directors, regarding schedules, etc.  Since I'm flying and won't have a car, parking isn't an issue.  But making sure that I have everything packed that I will need is more important because I won't be able to just run out and pick something up. 

With over 200 students enrolled in GRIP this year, there are going to be two lines for lunches and breaks.  It appears that breakfast and dinner will be all together, which is great, since I'd like to be able to see some of the students in other sessions.

I have completed my reading for the Practical Genetic Genealogy class, but I'm going to reread some of the material since I feel I will understand it better after my DNA day at Jamboree.  I also may do some other reading (if I can fit it in).

So, what do I really need to remember?  I'll probably update this list and post it again in a couple of weeks.

Alarm clock
Drinking glass
Hair dryer
Fitted bottom sheet (those mattress covers are slippery and the flat sheets just don't stay tucked in)

That's all for now.  These are items that we often have in hotel rooms that aren't in dorm rooms.  Hope this helps you all get started.  See you in a month.

Friday, June 20, 2014

52 Ancestors: #25 - Frances Thurman (abt 1896 KY to aft 1850)

Frances Thurman is listed in the Benton, Newton County, Missouri census in 1850.  With him are two children who I am assuming are his daughter and son:  Elisa C. Thurman, born about 1829 in Missouri and Jesse H. Thurman, born about 1832 in Missouri. 
Also in the household are B.F. McCoy, age 20, born in Virginia and Mary Ann McCoy age 21, born in Missouri, as well as Parilla Powell age 23, born in Kentucky and James Powell age 2 born in Missouri.  Some researchers have identified Mary Ann McCoy and Parilla Powell as daughters of Frances.  However, they have not been able to document this information.  I am looking for more information about them.

Elisa or Eliza  married Daniel Severs, about 1853 or 1854, probably in Missouri.  I do not have a marriage record for this couple and their information has been posted in another blog post.

Jesse appears in the 1870, 1880 and 1900 census records, in White Rock, McDonald County, Missouri.  He appears to have  served in the Civil War as he had an invalid application filed in Missouri.  He married a woman whose name was Cordelia but her last name is unknown at this time.
I would like to find out more about Frances Thurman and I would be willing to share with any one who would like to collaborate.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Sunday Recap - SCGS Jamboree 2014

I was only at Jamboree for the morning.  My husband was picking me up at 11:30 so we could stop for lunch and then drive to Temecula for an early dinner with son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren.  And today was “60’s day.”  There were lots of tie-died shirts.  I couldn’t find flowers for my hair, but I did wear a peasant skirt and blouse, similar to what I wore in the 60’s.  I just was never into the tie-died.  Many peace signs were shown throughout the morning.
So, I packed up everything so that I could go to two sessions and then just pick up my luggage to check out at 11:30. 
I chose to attend a session that was not videoed.  Stephen Morse presented a case study.  He used online resources and accomplished a lot in 4 days.  I was reminded of the many ways his web site can help:  OneStep genealogy.  I am definitely not using it enough.  I didn’t go to Dawn Thurston’s “Turn Your Genealogy Data into a Fascinating Family History.”  This was videoed and I ordered it and it’s being shipped to me. 
This time I chose for the same reason as above.  Paula Stewart-Warren presentation was on “…Hands On Research Planning.”  I m looking forward to getting this one in the mail also, because I ordered it also.  I did attend Cyndi Ingle’s talk on “The Internet: Lower your Expectations to Raise Your Research Potential.”  What a lot of great suggestions.  Also at this time period was the Heirloom Roadshow presided over by Denise Levenick which I’m sure was great.  Also, there were two different talks about writing, which we all need to do more often. 
So, l had to leave.  I missed the 60s photo which looked like fun. 
Sunday afternoon there were more sessions on DNA and writing/publishing.  You could get information about researching in Israel and Ireland and “The Ohio Country” as well as at Historical societies, GenealogyBank and Ancestry.  So, still lots of choices.
I’m home.  It was a great 4 days.  I was tired.  Would I go back?  Of course!  Would I encourage you to attend?  Absolutely!!!  And if you can’t attend, I would like to suggest that you become a member of SCGS and take advantage of their wonderful webinars and videos.