Saturday, August 3, 2013

Sorting Saturday - File Cabinets with Bookcases

Perhaps you’ve done this also, but I found a way to make better use of my wall space.  I bought some new 2-drawer file cabinets (25 inches deep).  They are about 30 inches tall.  I put three of them together:  45 inches wide now.  On top of them I added a 48 inch tall bookshelf. 


Now I have 6 file drawers with over 12 feet of shelf space on top.  Between the second and third file cabinets is a folding step stool for the times I need to reach the top shelves. 
At the far end is a floor to ceiling bookcase with some drawers built in the bottom for miscellaneous sewing supplies.  Since the photo, I've added a couple of woven baskets on the shelves for items that need to be "contained." 
Right now, one of the drawers is EMPTY.  Can you believe it? 
Hopefully this idea will help you with your organizing.