Friday, May 23, 2014

52 Ancestors: #21 - Jacob Henry Severs (1867-1950)

Jacob Henry Severs was born in 1867 in Newton County, Missouri.  His parents were Daniel Severs and Eliza Thurman.  Since there are numerous men named Daniel Severs, it is difficult to know which of them was the father of Jacob Henry. 

Jacob Henry marked Mary Olive Teague in 1891 in Newton County, Missouri.  They had six children.  Unfortunately, Mary Olive died in 1906 as did the newborn daughter, Mary.  The surviving children were:
Emma Mae Severs (1892 OK -1967 KS) who married William Buford “Boots” Bumgardner about 1910 and then Robert James Hatcher about 1926
Elijah Daniel Severs (1896 OK – 1971 WA) who married May Lucille, last name unknown, about 1921.
Mattie Neicie Severs (1896 OK – 1975 KS) who married Leander Hudgin in 1914 in Arkansas.
Jess Harlan Severs (1901 KS – 1968 CA) who married Katherine Trice.
Mary Severs (1906-1906 KS) who died after ten days.  Her mother died immediately after giving birth. 

In 1924, Jacob married Dollie Gertrude.  The wedding record states that her last name was Stenfield, but her maiden name appears to have been Collins.  Dollie was much younger than Jacob since she was born in 1903.  Jacob and Dollie had two children.
James Delbert Severs (1922 KS – 1985 KS)
Naomi Ruth Severs (1925 KS – 1995 WA)

Dollie and Jacob divorced at some time before 1940 and Dollie married William Franklin Christian sometime after 1940.  She died in 1947.  

If you are researching any of these people, I would really like to collaborate with you.  I have NO photos of Jacob Henry Severs, Mary Olive Teague Severs, or any of the children except for Jess Harlan Severs.  I believe I have a photo of Dollie, but it has not been confirmed.  Therefore, if you are willing to share information or photos, I would be grateful.