Tuesday, January 7, 2014

52 Ancestors: #1 Raymond V. Poe (1920-2006)

Raymond was born in January in 1920 in Reno, Nevada.  He died in 2006 in Oakland, California.  He was married at least 3 times, and perhaps 4.   I believe he was married first to a Marian, and had two girls.  My mother was his second wife and I don't believe I ever saw him after I was about 6.  I was the eldest of 3.

Ray was married to his third (or fourth) wife the longest and I believe he had 3 children in this marriage.  I have tried to contact children from this marriage in order to get photos or documents but have not had much luck.  I don't want to bring up bad memories or discuss Ray or his relationships, but since this was my biological father and his ancestors are my ancestors and my children's ancestors, and my grandchildren's ancestors (You know what I mean.) then I'd like to have photos in my files as well as documents that may be with these people. 

Of course, as with any of my research, if you are related, or have information about anyone I write about, I would be glad to collaborate.  Unfortunately, with this family, I have very little I can share with you. 

This blog was written in response to Amy Johnson Crow's challenge in the blog  No Story Too Small