Monday, January 30, 2012

RootsTech - Why I'm Not There

And, why I'm sorry I'm not there.  (I should have listened to Amy.)

When I looked at the topics, and listened to others talk, I felt that I didn't even have the vocabulary to understand the presentations at RootsTech.  I didn't even understand some of the titles of the presentations.  After all, I don't know the difference between a tablet, an Ipod, an Ipad, a notebook or a droid and Android, a smart phone and IPhone and a blackberry, or apps.  After all, I just learned how to use a digital camera 1 1/2 years ago, right before FGS in Knoxville in 2010.  My phone doesn't take photos.  I don't know how to send text messages.  And I keep forgetting how to even get messages for the few times someone calls me while my phone is off.  I do have a facebook account, but it is basically so that I can see photos of my grandchildren; find out what activities my nieces and nephews are doing; and finding out where my sister is traveling on business.  I don't tweet.   I tried google+ but haven't figured out how to actually get factual stuff rather than just someone's personal info. 

And while this blog is 7 months old, I don't know how to even make some changes in the template (like background color and title colors) and I'm afraid to start over.  I also haven't been able to figure out how to sort the blogs that I follow, since my list is really getting too long for a 3 to 4 times a week look.  (It's overwhelming and I regularly consider just taking almost all of them out of reader.) 

So, with this lack of knowledge, how could I possible understand the stuff being presented at RootsTech?  Why should I spend the money to attend a conference and be overwhelmed by all of you who are familiar with this stuff? 

So, why am I sorry I'm not there?

Well, I was able to download the syllabus.  Of course, I don't know what to do know because it seems like each one is in pdf and word.  So, which do I keep?  One or both? 

BUT, the biggest positive is that I actually understand most of the words in the syllabus.  (At least for those sessions I've looked at so far.)  Some of them are actually very similar to sessions that I've attended before at other conferences.  Could I have benefited from attending?  Yes.  Will I consider going in 2013?  Yes.  (Except that NGS is in Las Vegas and that's close and I want to attend and encourage Arizona researchers to try a large conference.  Then there is FGS in Fort Wayne.  Who can resist researching there especially when flying that distance?)  With those two and Jamboree, can I really manage FOUR conferences in one year? 

So, I'm going to try to listen to the RootsTech sessions that are going to be streamed by RootsTech.  (Those in Room 155, I believe.)  I need to figure out if I can listened to them at some other time, because, unfortunately, sometimes life interferes with genealogy. (Too often, sometimes!)  And, then I have a list of other sessions that I understand are also going to be streamed.  I still need to get all of the info about those and how to access them. 

Therefore, I'm going to be busy the next 2 days.  Perhaps not as busy as those of you who are traveling to Salt Lake City.  But I do know that I won't be waiting in airports trying to remember if all of my liquids and gels are in small enough containers.  I won't be walking in the rain or snow;  after all I'm in the Phoenix area.  And, while I won't learn as much as I probably would if I were there, perhaps I'll be able to understand enough to gain the knowledge to attend next year, or the year after. 

Have a great time!! To all of you who are there.  I hope you share thoughts with all of us who are not there.