Thursday, July 26, 2012

GRIP - Thursday evening

I can't believe that it's Thursday evening already.  Except that I'm tired.  Definitely not tired of genealogy.  Definitely not tired of the amazing conversations.  Definitely not tired of the sessions.  BUT, yes, my mind is tired of trying to process and use all of this wonderful new information, etc.

I forgot to mention that I met Amanda of at lunch yesterday and took the time to read some of her earlier postings as well as those about GRIP.  Then, Bob sent me an email about saying hi.  It's funny.  We've talked numerous times but I never mentioned my blog and so I'll have to make sure to specifically say Hi tomorrow. 

Sometimes I wish there was a way to slow down Josh.  He gave us some great ideas about organizing digitally.  Unfortunately, some of it has taken him almost 5 years, and I'm not sure I'll do that.  (I'd rather research).  But some of his ideas are so simple that it's too bad I didn't think of them. sooner. 

Paula spoke on state archives, government records and newspapers.  It seems a shame to only put titles to 3 seventy-five minutes talk, but I have so many notes that I just can't summarize them easily tonight.  You'll just have to hear Paula some other time;  or catch me after I've recovered from the information "stuffed" head. 

Dinner tonight was with some friends I made this week and then Elissa Powell (one of the GRIP organizers/directors) sat at our table.  I was able to "grill" her about SLIG, Samford, and Boston U, as well as talk about next year's GRIP sessions.  Since this was my first institute, I appreciated her time and the information she provided in answer to my questions.  I'll write about next year's schedule in the near future.  Just not tonight.