Friday, October 21, 2011

Arizona Genealogy

I've given two presentations recently on conferences I attended in 2011.  While I talk about what I've learned, what presentations are available, what great speakers I heard, etc. I'm trying to encourage the chapter members who attend to continue to go to chapter meetings.  After all, that's where we learn about new ideas, new web sites, and perhaps something that would help us break down our brick walls. 

So, for all of you who are only on the internet; who feel that you don't need genealogy societies, I'm trying to reach you.  Think about a genealogy meeting as a single session of a conference.  No, you don't have choices like you do at conferences, but you may find one piece of information that you didn't know and it helps you solve one of your long-time problems.  AND, if you think you can never learn anything at these meetings, please volunteer to present programs.  A basic powerpoint presentation is, just that, basic.  But even those can pass along great information to those who can benefit from them.