About Me

I am Karen Blackmore the author of Karen's Genealogy Oasis blog.  I have been researching families since 2002, although only recently have I become more serious about it.  I teach beginning genealogy classes at public libraries and through Parks and Recreation departments.  I also give presentations on a variety of research topics for the Family History Society of Arizona.

I am a retired high school math teacher with a BA in Mathematics Education and an MA in Bilingual/Multicultural Education.  I am a quilter and have been for decades although quilting is getting less time now that I am more involved in family research. 

My husband Walt supports my genealogy and quilting.  Just looking at my closet stacked with tubs of fabric (organized by color) and my file cabinets and bookshelves filled with both genealogy and quilting books and files is an indicator of how supportive he is.  Walt is a wood carver, specializing in Avian Art.  If you are interested in seeing some great wood sculptures, please visit http://www.carversoasis.com/. Walt and I have two children and five grandchildren.  Of course we spent time visiting them in California and Illinois.  We also enjoy traveling.  Sometimes we go to carving shows.  Sometimes we go to court houses; cemeteries and libraries.  And sometimes we make trips that combine the two.  Just give me two hours notice and I can be packed for and ready to leave on any trip, whether it is in the US or international.