Wednesday, September 7, 2011

FGS 2011 - Part 2 - Wednesday

Oh, so much is happening.  And there are three more days to go.  I will survive!!

Last night I attended a reception for bloggers that was hosted by FamilySearch.  All bloggers who were attending the FGS conference were invited.  It was great to actually meet some of the bloggers I had never met and to be reintroduced to some of those I did know.  Fun. 

FamilySearch representatives provided so much information about new projects and improved services on  There was lots of information regarding RootsTech 2012.  Many of us are going to want to help indexing the 1940 census starting next April.  Progress is being made on putting Civil War records online. 

One of the most impressive statements to me is that records are being added online within 4 weeks after being digitalized and the goal is to have them available in 2 weeks.  Amazing.  Indexing will come later but the images are going to be available for browsing.  Well, we used to just wind microfilm; now we click on images.  Which is easier on the shoulder? 

Wednesday was society day.  We had sessions on so many different topics from making sure our society is thinking about the future in meeting the changing needs of our members, both our current ones and our new ones.  Sessions on social media in all forms were available all day.  Brainstorming sessions were also offered so that we received ideas from many attendees.  What a great variety of ideas.  I loved it. 

It's so difficult to unwind tonight.  But tomorrow morning is coming.  And there will be great sessions and the exhibit hall will also be open.  I'm really looking forward to another great day.