Friday, October 10, 2014

52 Ancestors - #41 - Gideon Drake (1800 KY – 1896 IN)

Gideon Drake was born in October 1800 in Mason County, Kentucky, to Josiah Drake and an unknown mother.  I believe he had at least one brother, Hiram who was born in 1807 and lived until 1851.

Gideon married Susannah Mitchell in October 1822 in Brown County, Ohio, but sometime between 1822 and 1826, the family moved to Indiana. 

Gideon and Susannah had ten children, I believe.
Josiah Drake (1824-1915) who married Eva Jane Whitenack
Amos Drake (1826-1914) married Martha Brian about 1846
Hiram Drake (1828-1903) married three times, I believe.  In 1852 he married Indiana Hayden.  I believe she died in 1859.  In 1860 he married Clara Armstrong.  Then about 1892 he married Mary Ballenger Hann. 
John Drake (1832-1896) married Mary Jane, about 1858, but her last name is unknown.  I believe they had 6 children.
Polly Drake (1832 - ?) Polly and John may have been twins.  I know nothing more about Polly.  Her name was listed in some family papers, but no additional facts are given.
Wesley Drake (1834-1907) married twice. Wesley married Margaret Fitzpatrick in 1859.  I don’t know what happened to her.  Then in 1861 Wesley married Susan McClain and they had 3 children.
Permelia Drake (1836-1918) married Christopher Columbus Burns about 1854. 
Charlotte Drake married John Ballard about 1859.  I believe they had 4 children.
Joseph Drake (1840-1915) married Melissa Doble about 1861 and may have had 2 children.
Gideon Drake (   ) may have been married three times: Alice (date unknown), Sarah Ralston about 1872, and Mary Moore about 1880. No further information is known about them.

Gideon died in 1896 in Decatur County, Indiana. 

If you are interested in more information about this family, please contact me.  I am looking forward to collaborating with you.