Friday, October 17, 2014

52 Ancestors: #42 - Mary Ann Winstead (1821 NC -1889 MO)

Mary Ann Winstead was born in October 1821 in Person County, North Carolina to William Wisntead and Sarah Morrow Winstead.  Mary Ann married Charles Yancy Trice in January 1841 in Hopkins County, Kentucky.

Mary Ann and Charles had at least 14 children. At say, at least, because there may be some I haven't identified, although some family records just say they had 14.

Sarah Jane Trice (1841 KY - 1929 KS) married William Sanford Townsend in 1868in DeKalb County, Missouri.  I believe they had 8 children.

Unity Smith Trice (1842 KY – 1929 MO) married Nathan Coleman Newby abut 1865, probably in Missouri.  They had at least 4 children.

Julia Ann Trice (1844 KY – 1922 KS) married Johnson M. Joiner in 1865 in DeKalb County, Missouri and had at least 14 children.  I don’t know the names of 3 of the children and I am assuming that they died at a young age.

John Louis Trice (1846 KY – 1936 MO) married Margaret Priscilla “Maggie” Smith in 1872 in DeKalb County, Missouri and they had at least 3 children.

James Nelson Trice (1847 KY – 1892 MO) married Amanda Lee Thurston in 1882 in Boone County, Missouri and they had at least 3 children.

George Washington Trice (1849 KY - 1924 MO). I believe he married at had at least one child but no information is known about either.

Joel Alexander Trice (1851 MO - 1923 KS) married Lucy Honora Smith in 1877 in DeKalb County, Missouri.  They had at least one daughter.

Charles Yancy Trice, Jr (1853 MO - 1915 AR) married Paralee Steen or Steele.  They had two children.  Then he married Luna Estelle Drake and had three daughters, one of whom died at age 9.

William Monroe Trice (1855 MO - 1940 MO) married three times, I believe: Mary Herron, Lizzie       McIlvane and Geraldine Lewis and may have had at least 5 children.

Henry Thomas Trice (1856 MO – 1940 KS) married Clara Morgan in 1887 and they had one daughter.

Mary Elizabeth Trice (1858 MO – 1944 MO) married George Arthur Butterfield about 1880 and they had 3 sons.

Oliver Cutler Trice (1860 MO – 1901 KY) married Mary Alice Ferril in 1886 in Missouri.  I believe they divorced and Mary remarried.

Marona Amner Trice (1863 MO – 1949 FL) married John F. Short about 1882.  They may have had a daughter.

Hattie Morrow Trice (1866 MO – 1945 ?) – I don’t believe she ever married and I don’t know where she was living when she died.

Mary Ann Winstead Trice died in August 1889 in Missouri and is buried in Packard Cemetery in Cameron, Clinton County, Missouri.

If you are interested in any of these family members, please contact me so that we can work together on finding more information and documentation.