Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Back to Presentations: Lots of Changes; Any Ideas?

For the past two years, I haven't made any presentations for genealogy.  I was asked to give a 6 hour beginner class at a local public library (in March), which I have done before.  The format is three 2-hour classes, and I have done this probably 10-12 times between 2006-2011.  So... No problem.  Right?

Well, I started looking at my power-point presentation and syllabus and I realized that so many things have changed since 2010.  Just think:  the 1940 census; all of the familysearch.org changes; findmypast moved into the US market; SCGS Jamboree and their live-presentations; RootsTech; etc.  And these are just things I could quickly come up with.

Therefore, I am going to have to completely redo the entire class presentation and syllabus.  If you have been researching for some time, have you really thought about the number of changes that have been made in the past three years?  Have you realized what changes have occurred that you have calmly accepted as the "norm"? 

I am looking for suggestions as to what you feel are the most important topics I should cover in a beginning class for genealogists.  I am talking about those who don't know what a pedigree chart is; who aren't sure what the definitions of ancestor and dependent are; who really don't know anything about census records, etc.  As I said, I've taught this class numerous times and have, according to former students, great success.  BUT, I want to make sure that I'm providing up-to-date information and giving them all of the best methods and resources to help them become excited about the search and be successful in their results.  Please send your response to karenazgen@gmail.com or karenazgen@yahoo.com.  Thank you.