Friday, September 9, 2011

FGS 2011 - Part 4 - Friday

This afternoon I attended my first session that wasn't actually scheduled.  What?  Yes, this is a new idea.  In the one room set aside for these informal sessions, Amy scheduled the topic on Blogging.  I believe 13 or 14 attended and the discussion was on different aspects of blogging.  It was really interesting.  Thank you, Amy, for setting up the session.  Thank you, Bloggers, for the providing so much information that no one person would probably ever know. 

For dinner I walked to Gianfranco.  It's on Adams, just past the bookstore.  I had a great dinner.  And they are open until 8 I believe.  While Gianfranco's is an informal place, the service was prompt and the food came out hot.  And it was really good.  I saw a few other FGS attendees there.  I hope they enjoyed their dinners as much as I enjoyed mine.

Reading the WeTree blog I found out about  If you have looked at the map books in the Arphax booth, and wish you had $2000 to buy all of the books for your counties, this NEW web site is much less expensive.  You can sign up and look at some basic maps FREE.  And then there are two subscription levels.  If you are still here at the FGS conference, you may want to get "hands on" instruction at the booth on Saturday.  If not, check out the web site or call them.

Tomorrow, Saturday, is the last day of FGS 2011.  Some attendees will be leaving tomorrow and some of us will be staying until Sunday.  I have had a great 3 days and I know the last one will be just as informative and fun as the past 3.  Thank you Paula and Josh and all of the great volunteers.  And a huge thank you to the city of Springfield and the little cafes near the hotels who were sometimes inundated with all of us who were wearing lanyards with ribbons hanging down from our name badges.

FGS 2011 - Part 3 - Friday

Oh have the days run into each other.  Sessions at FGS began at 8 am this morning.  Since many of the cafes don't open until 7 there wasn't much time.  It was also raining, but I went out anyway to get a light breakfast (at the Trout Lily, again).  Almost no one was on the street.  Guess people may think they shrink?  I don't know. 

Sessions yesterday with the door prize drawings not starting until 6:30 made for a long day.  I won't write about the details.  At the moment I don't remember all of them although I do have complete notes. 

Something great is that about half (I'm guessing) of the talks are being audio recorded.  With this noted in the program I sometimes have attended a talk that isn't recorded because I'll order a CD for one that is recorded.  I wish there were some video recordings also being made (SCGS's Jamboree had some).  These are really great.  But I guess we need to be concerned and consider if anyone would go to a conference or even a session.  I would, but would everyone? 

Time to leave for another session.  Also, I need to check out one of the vendors.  I just heard about a new subscription site on maps.  Need to check it out.  More later.