Sunday, January 22, 2012

Expo - Mesa and Family History Society of Arizona (Day 2)

Well, this is really day 3 (no Expo, just recovering).  We had about 300 people pick up flyers in the two days.  I saw lots of FHSA members as well as talked with some researchers who would like to have chapters in their areas:  Cave Creek, Apache Junction and Gilbert.  I'll see what I can do to help them form chapters. 

So many people found out that Lisa Louise Cooke is coming in March and picked up information.  They either heard her talk at Expo or heard someone else talk about her presentations.  I just know that our Seminar will be great.  For those who would like to attend, the registration form is at  We'd love to see you.

I met a couple of new bloggers;  I saw a couple of researchers who were in my Tempe Parks and Rec classes; I saw a few more who had attended sessions at one of the libraries.  It's nice to see these fairly new researchers enjoying the benefits of a wide variety of presentations.  And, without traveling across the country.  Arizona is a fairly large state and there were genealogists from Flagstaff, Prescott, Springerville, Benson, Yuma, Tucson, Green Valley, Parker and probably every place in between.  (If you aren't familiar with Arizona geography, Benson is SE, Yuma is SW, Parker is sort of NW, Springerville is sort of NE, etc., etc.  And, while many consider Flagstaff at the northern border, there are still miles of land north before you actually cross out of Arizona.)

So thank you to all who stopped by, visited with me, shared stories while sessions were going on, etc.