Monday, August 26, 2013

Tuesday's Tip - School's Starting - Plan for Education

No, it may not be starting today where you are.  But in some parts of the country teachers are already back in the classrooms.  And students are starting this week or next or started last week or even two weeks ago.

I'm a grandmother, so why does this matter to me?  I think of the NEW year as the beginning of school, not in January.  I start planning activities for the coming year in August and September, and sometimes in July. 

So what are you thinking of doing in the next year to help you improve your researching techniques?  Dates have been set for many national and regional conferences, institutes and seminars.  I have a 2014 calendar that I printed off the internet that I have marked up.  No, I'm not going to be able to attend everything I list on this calendar, but at least I have the dates in one place.  Check web sites for activities you may be interested in or that are near you.  AND... Don't forget your local genealogical and/or historical society meetings.  Put them on your calendar also. 

SO..... What's on my calendar right now?
Jan 13-17 - SLIG - Salt Lake City, UT
Jan 17-18 - Mesa Family History Expo, Mesa, AZ
Jan 25 - Pinal County Genealogy Workshop, Casa Grande, AZ
Feb 6-8 - RootsTech - Salt Lake City
Mar ?? - FHSA Seminar, Phoenix, AZ (Day not set but it's always in March)
Mar 24-26 - Forensic Genealogy Institute, Dallas, TX
Mar 27-29 - Advanced Forensic Evidence Analysis, Dallas, TX
May 7-10 - NGS, Richmond, VA
Jun ?? - SCGS Jamboree, Burbank, CA
Jun 8-13 - IGHR, Samford University, AL
Jul ?? - GRIP, Pittsburgh, PA - At least I hope it will be offered again
Aug 27-30 - FGS, San Antonio, TX

I know I've missed many.  But make your own list and circle the dates on a 2014 calendar.  This way you can plan for your continuing education in the 2013-2014 "school year."