Friday, July 18, 2014

GRIP 2014 - I'm going to Pittsburgh

I can't sleep.  I was thinking about all of the things I don't want to forget to pack and all of the things I was going to TRY to accomplish before I fly Saturday morning from Phoenix to Pittsburgh.

I don't see any way of packing a desk lamp.  I've looked at Ott lights, and others.  Most are too heavy and bulky to go in luggage.  And the idea of my own pillow, special blanket, books, hangers, heavier towels, extra shoes (to change into in case the pair I'm wearing gets wet), snacks, wine?, door stop (2x4?).  Oh, do I wish I lived closer and could drive.  (Well, maybe not.  I really love Arizona and living here (Well, perhaps not the politics.)).  BUT none of these items that I'm going to miss is a good enough reason to miss GRIP. 

So, I have my list and it's long.  Tomorrow, well later today, I'm going to separate everything into two piles:  those things that I need/want for my time at GRIP and those things I just can't live without, even for one night, which will be Saturday night.  (I fly the day before to help me adjust to a 3-hour time difference.)  I wouldn't have as much difficulty if I was willing to bring an extra suitcase.  However, I prefer to travel very lightly.  I usually take one carry one and a roll-on for an international trip of 7-12 days.  So, I can't see bringing 2 suitcases, and a carry-on, for 6 days. 

What can't I live without?  Well, a change of underwear.  Meds, including allergy stuff.  Minimum makeup, including sunscreen.  A light jacket/sweater.  A change of shoes.  AND, technology.  I have to have 3 different power sources: computer, phone, Nook.  Then, of course, computer, phone, Nook.  And my MiFi card with its power source. 

I've gone to the grocery store to make sure that the refrigerator has food for my husband Walt: the necessities like milk, cream for coffee, cheese for snacks and ice cream.  I know he'll go out to some of our favorite restaurants and be treated royally.  And he has friends from wood-carving who he'll meet with, eat lunch with, and perhaps go to a movie with.  He's done this before: more than once.  And, fortunately for me, he is willing to do it again. And he really encourages me to travel for genealogy when I want to. 

The house is clean.  The clothes will be washed Friday, tomorrow today.  The packing has been started. 

Well, I guess I'm more organized than I thought.  No reason to stay up any longer. 


  1. I'm excited, too! I won't be flying out from Texas until Sunday morning, though. I am just now making my list & will have to do a little shopping. I was thinking about alternatives for a lamp, too, but didn't come up with anything. This is my first genealogy institute & I can't wait!!

  2. Dana, I think you'll like it. I'm looking forward to meeting you. Also, the past two years I've had a lamp in my room. So, I may be lucky again.