Thursday, July 11, 2013

Tuesday's Tip - Original sources can be WRONG!

We just received the official copies of my father-in-law's death certificate.  AND, his father's name is WRONG!!!!  Being the family record keeper, I provided the information.  BUT, I have a copy of what I gave the mortuary (and the form is filled out correctly) and someone there, or in the county recorder's office, put the middle name as the last name.  So it says that Glenn Chester Blackmore's father's name is Clifford Franklin instead of Clifford Franklin Blackmore.  Now what????!!!

Now a minor problem is that we reported that Glenn had been in California for 93 years, but only in the county for 27.  The death certificate says he's been in the county for 93 years. 

Just another problem for us to solve, but a remember to all of us researchers to question even original, official documents. 

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  1. I found the same sort of thing on my grandmothers marriage to her second husband. My grandfather died in 1937 and she remarried in 1938.

    The clerk had written her father as Johannes and her married last name instead of her maiden name. Her mother was correct because it had the mothers maiden name.