Friday, May 3, 2013

NGS Packing Ideas

I'm starting to pack for NGS in Las Vegas.  And I just read Julie Miller's blog on the NGS Conference blog about drinking water.  Drink Lots of Water.  I live in the desert so I know that water is important.  If you lips are dry or chapped, or if you are getting headaches, I suggest you start drinking more water.  Her suggestion of a glass an hour is good.  If you aren't waiting in line for the restroom, you probably aren't drinking enough water.

So, what am I packing?  I'm taking eye drops.  And chapstick.  And hand lotion.  And, of course a jacket, or sweater, or shawl, for those air-conditioned rooms. 

After those necessities, I've started getting together all of my power cords, charging devices, and electronic things that I'll need during the week.  Do I need an extension cord for length or in order to plug in more than one charger in the ONLY accessible electrical outlet in my room? 

Now, on to the conference stuff.  My syllabus pages.  My "homework" for Tuesday's class.  Business cards, printed up at home, to make it easier to share my contact info.  Pen/pencil and notepad for taking notes during sessions;  or for making notes about people I meet.  An old conference tote (that I modified) that I may or may not use.  (I like one that has handles long enough to put over my shoulder.)  Then what about a lanyard?  Do you have one with a separate pocket for your room key that you like to use?  While I appreciate the items that the conference sponsors provide, sometimes older is better.  But then, sometimes newer is better.  So, thank you conference sponsors. 

Oh, yes.  Comfortable shoes, because I'm sure I'll be walking a lot, including around the Exhibitor Hall.  And...Clothes.  Well, I can fit some in.  I don't want to be arrested for indecent exposure in Las Vegas.  Las Vegas?  Well.  Hope to see you there. 

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