Monday, April 15, 2013

Tuesday's Tip - Backup, Backup, Backup

I know you’ve heard this before.  You’ve read this before.  Perhaps you have even written about it.  However, are we following our own advice and the advice of our friends?  (I know I haven't been as conscientious as I probably should.)

Many of our friends and neighbors have survived tornados, hurricanes, forest fires and floods.  Every day some of them have fires in their homes.  Some of them have insurance and can rebuild.  That’s the physical building.   But how do you replace the memories, heirlooms, photographs, school papers, certificates, passports, etc, etc, etc.  We never know when the natural or man-made disaster may meet our files. 

There are so many ways to backup now.  We aren’t limited to an external hard drive or making a CD copy of our files and sending it to a friend or taking it to our Safe Deposit box.  So, are we following our own advice? 

So, backup regularly and especially every time before you leave home with your computer. 

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