Tuesday, May 8, 2012

1940 Census - Arbitration

First, I am an arbitrator.  YES, one of THOSE who don't "like" your indexing.  That's not true.  It's just that I need to make a decision between two different points of view.  I don't make decisions on anything that doesn't already have a conflict. (Two indexers who don't agree.)

I also index.  AND, I was corrected because I didn't put in the county for the township that was listed in the residence.  WELL, there was NO county listed.  Yes, I could have looked it up.  YES I even knew it.  But I believe the indexing instructions say that I'm not supposed to add additional information.

THEN, I was also marked incorrect because what was written as the county was misspelled.  Obviously the other indexer just copied the spelling.  And so did the arbitrator.  I typed in the correct spelling of the county according to an atlas and google wikipedia.  So what is going to be published?  I asked for a review. 

NO there shouldn't be a "war" between indexers and arbitrators, no matter which side of the "war' you are are.  But we need to work together and try to get published the best information online to help us and others with research.

My request?  Indexers and Arbitrators:  READ the instructions:  Read them again in ONE week.  Read them AGAIN in TWO weeks.  I'm definitely not saying, or implying that I don't make mistakes.  But PLEASE don't correct me for a spelling that is correct, just because the enumerator didn't spell the county correctly.

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