Friday, September 9, 2011

FGS 2011 - Part 3 - Friday

Oh have the days run into each other.  Sessions at FGS began at 8 am this morning.  Since many of the cafes don't open until 7 there wasn't much time.  It was also raining, but I went out anyway to get a light breakfast (at the Trout Lily, again).  Almost no one was on the street.  Guess people may think they shrink?  I don't know. 

Sessions yesterday with the door prize drawings not starting until 6:30 made for a long day.  I won't write about the details.  At the moment I don't remember all of them although I do have complete notes. 

Something great is that about half (I'm guessing) of the talks are being audio recorded.  With this noted in the program I sometimes have attended a talk that isn't recorded because I'll order a CD for one that is recorded.  I wish there were some video recordings also being made (SCGS's Jamboree had some).  These are really great.  But I guess we need to be concerned and consider if anyone would go to a conference or even a session.  I would, but would everyone? 

Time to leave for another session.  Also, I need to check out one of the vendors.  I just heard about a new subscription site on maps.  Need to check it out.  More later.

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