Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Thankful Thursday - Find A Grave Volunteers

I hope you all check out if you haven’t already.  No, I’m not affiliated with it.  In fact I have never posted to it.  BUT, those great volunteers who do are to be thanked.  And check back often.  I just found photos of a couple of headstones and I didn’t even know where my ancestors had died. 

This is another great group of volunteers.  I hope to become one of them in the near future (when I have nothing else to do?)  Well, that will never happen, so I just need to have a little more time.  Then you’ll see my listings and photos there too.


  1. I LOVE Find a Grave. Those incredible volunteers have helped me locate the graves of so many of my ancestors!

  2. Hello Karen...I'm a Find A Grave Volunteer and Contributor. Everyone I have taken photos for are always so thankful for the connection and information they receive from their ancestors gravesites and headstones.

    I'm new to GeneaBlogger and am browsing the Daily Prompts. So glad to find your blog and become a Follower. I'll look forward to seeing your posts and sharing information with another Southwestener...I'm from Texas.

    Hope you will have a chance to stop by my blog..
    CollectInTexas Gal/Tracks of My Texas Ancestors.

  3. Karen-you are so right about the Find A Grave volunteers! Those volunteers have helped me locate a number of ancestors' graves (and given me directions as well!).

  4. I'm a new follower to you. I am a user and contributor at FindAGrave. I've been lucky enough to get headstone photos of my own ancestors in NH when I live in CA.
    I often post photos from my local cemetery for others.