Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sorting Saturday - New Furniture Should Be A Joy

I put off buying new filing cabinets and bookshelves for my office/work room for about 2 years.  I thought I kept postponing the purchases because I couldn’t decide what types of file cabinets I wanted, how many, or where to place them.  Also, I didn’t know how many bookcases I needed and where I wanted to put them.

NOW I know why I was procrastinating.  I was going to have to sort through about 20 feet of books, 4 feet of magazines, 8 feet of notebooks, and 15 feet of files mostly, but not all, in file folders.

1 comment:

  1. Ugh, but it will feel soooooooo good as you get them organized! We bought a new desk/table for my office room last week. It's like a double desk in length with 2 good size drawers right under the top. It holds both my scanner and sewing machine with tons of room for 'stacking' in between. It felt good to get it bought and in and the sewing machine out of storage.

    Not as daunting as your chore of reorganizing paperwork - just keep looking towards the end results.